The Aromatherapy Advantage



Bottles of essential oils.

Abby Stone, Editor

The power of scent is much stronger than most people think. The smell of peppermint can make an individual feel more alert, lavender creates a feeling of relaxation, and lemon can increase one’s concentration. Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants, and they capture the plant’s specific scent and flavor. The benefits of these oils are achieved through the use of aromatherapy: a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Although there are people who believe aromatherapy is myth, according to many Adams High School students, essential oils improve emotional and physical health.

With over ninety types of essential oils, there is an extract for many desired moods. By inhaling these oils from a diffuser or a hot bath, the oils will signal certain emotions in the brain. Specific oils enhance specific feelings like energy, focus, optimism, and more. Take eucalyptus essential oils for example, this natural stimulant not only improves overall mood, but more specifically it can help wake one up easier in the morning by giving a sense of energy and alertness. With that being said, using essential oils is a natural way to put oneself in a mentality they desire.

“I use peppermint oil all the time whenever I have a headache or migraine and it will make it go away within around 10 minutes every time. I also use it when I have congestion to clear me out and it helps me be able to breath again. Overall, peppermint essential oils help me feel less congested and at ease,” said senior Maddie Pape.

In addition to essential oils being able to improve moods, they have also can help with medical conditions. For instance, aromatherapy can heal inflammation and acne when applied to skin. Tea tree oil is one of the many oils that calm and reduce redness or inflamed skin. Along with that, muscle and joint pain can also be improved by the use of essential oils. Oils like ginger, frankincense, and chamomile are some of the most useful scents that provide fast relief for these types of pain. With minor yet significant medical conditions being treated with essential oils, this natural process is beneficial to users’ health.

“When I had the respiratory flu, I put essential oils on my chest to help relieve the pain and stop myself from coughing. I used to not fully believe in essential oils, but after it cured my flu I felt back to one hundred percent and trust using essential oils completely,” said senior Sadie Supina.

An essential oil diffuser and bottles of essential oils.

Although critics of essential oils claim that they are unsafe for people to use, this holds true only when they are used improperly. Some users mistakenly misuse the oils by swallowing them which can cause damage to one’s body. However, people who want to use essential oils must simply read the directions of how to use them correctly. For instance, some oils need to be combined with a base oil to be safe for the skin to absorb. Additionally, most oils must be mixed into water to ensure a safe diffusion of the scent. With this in mind, essential oils are completely safe to use as long as they are used in a proper manner.

There are countless ways to use essential oils in order to receive the variety of benefits they provide. From changing moods to helping medical conditions, there is a plethora of essential oils available for almost every purpose. By improving one’s health, whether it be mentally or physically, these natural oils are beneficial to user’s when practiced correctly. Essential oils offer a pure and natural way to enhance individuals’ mind, body, and spirit.