A Peaceful Transition of Power: The Paramount Possibility in Politics


Photo by: Nick Cimino

This display illustrates a peaceful exchange of power between two people with a different set of characteristics and beliefs. (Left to right: Maddy Fleury, Elise Delikat)

Nick Cimino, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated election came to an end earlier this November. While results have relieved some, others’ hopes for the future of the country are shattered. Whatever the case, there may be something even more important than the election itself: a peaceful exchange of power in the government.

This year, on January 20, Donald Trump’s inauguration will take place, meaning that President Barack Obama will step out of office. The exchange that will happen on this day will foreshadow the effects of these years from now until Trump leaves office. If the change goes poorly, it will shine a negative light upon both Trump and Obama. Conversely, a well-handled change of power will set up a positive outlook on the new presidency. This will also hopefully influence Trump’s decisions on a variety of political topics, economic and social, in a positive way.

A harmonious change of power after an election has been going on in government since the Election of 1800. Some overlook this, believing that the new President is the only factor which will steer the course of the next few years in America; however, the transition on Inauguration day is what sets the tone for the country in the following years.

“A gracious transition of power is so important because of the impact it has on the years to come,” said sophomore Elisabeth Lohner.

Even politicians that supported the runner-up, Hillary Clinton, believe that a peaceful exchange is a valuable and key characteristic of the United States of America that must be used. According to the Washington Post, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, was a true supporter of Hillary Clinton. After Trump was announced the winner, she was in shock, yet congratulated Trump and recognized the most important event has to happen for the election.

“The peaceful transfer of power is the cornerstone of our democracy,” said Pelosi.

According to Vanity Fair contributor Maya Kosoff, Obama stated that although he and Trump had many political and ideological differences, he promised that the transition would take place. In politics, there are a wide variety of beliefs and opinions, but this is important no matter what beliefs are held.

“The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. We are going to show that to the world,” said Obama.

Though perhaps taken for granted, the transition is known to be one the most unique aspects of America’s democracy. It is pertinent that this feature remains unchanged because of the lasting impact it will have on years to come.

“No matter what anyone’s beliefs are about this election, a peaceful change of power needs to take place,” said sophomore Emma Curran.