Troy, Michigan Ranked #6 City in the Country for Retired People to Live in


A snapshot from inside the luxurious Somerset Collection of Troy

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Troy, Michigan was ranked number six in the country for retired people to live. 

Troy is known for being a large suburb outside of the city of Detroit, and a humble place to live that’s away from the city of Detroit. Troy residents tally up to a total of 84,272 people. Despite this large number, the city still boasts a low crime rate. Troy is safer than 43% of U.S. cities, reports 

Another reason many retired people choose to settle in Troy is that it incorporates many parks, outdoor community centers, large shopping districts, and housing in all price ranges. Troy is known for the wildly popular Somerset Collection; a very elegant mall that often wows its shoppers with its upscale architecture and stores. 

“I love going to Somerset. I feel like I am in Hollywood, or somewhere very elegant. I love shopping there; it is a special experience to say the least,” said Nick Picot, an Adams senior and frequent shopper at the mall.

For others who enjoy a more historic center, the Troy Historic Village is the place for them. The historic village features an interactive museum with details that date back to when Troy was originally settled on. “Retirees with a history jones will be drawn to the Troy Historic Village, an interactive museum with structures detailing the history of settlement in the city,” reads the description on
Pictured above is a humble retirement community located in Troy,Mi


 “I love where I live and would not want to call anywhere else home!” said Tina Persha, a retired resident of Troy, Michigan. 

Overall, Troy, Michigan is a wonderful place for many to retire. It provides retired people with welcoming communities, fun outdoor and indoor activities such as parks as malls, and more. Residents love the low crime rate, sense of community, and all that the city has to offer.