What to Do if You Have the Summer Blues


Photo by: Elise Delikat

Beaches are beautiful and a great way to get some sun over the summer with friends, family, or alone.

Elise Delikat, Staff Writer

With fewer than two weeks of school left, many students are stoked for the summer sun. Now no longer stuck inside school walls, students are excited to start their adventures during the next three lively months. How will they fill the time?  Many will be working, and most will be trying to squeeze some fun into every day of summer.  When the middle of summer comes along, however, what can you do to relieve that boredom that may come from having too much time on your hands?

One great way to spend the summer is going to the beach. The beach is the perfect opportunity to leave the house and phone behind while soaking up the sun with some friends and great picnic food.Students can relax on the sand, splash around in the water, get a good volleyball game going, or walk around and enjoy the weather.

“My favorite part of summer is going with all my friends to my cottage and spending the day outside. There’s always something to do but it’s always nice to just relax on the sand by the water,” said sophomore Ashlyn Koby.

Another fun thing to do over the long break is to plan a fun trip. Whether it is a long road trip across the country or a small drive to the nearest amusement park, it is always enjoyable to travel during the summer. Some fun places to go are Cedar Point, a giant park found in Ohio that is filled with record-breaking roller coasters, Disney World, a huge amusement park in Florida that has every childhood hero, villain, animal, robot, or character seen on Disney, or one can visit Universal Studios also found in Florida. Similar to Disney, Universal is an amusement park for families looking for some fun with some of their favorite movie and TV characters, including the Minions, Harry Potter, and even the Simpsons.

“My favorite part of the summer would be when my family and I go down to our house in Florida and visit my sister and go to Disney Word for the day. I never get to see her during the school year, so it’s nice to spend time with her,” said sophomore Nico Thomas.

If exploring and adventuring does not sound too appealing, just try relaxing this summer. After stressing over school for nine months a relaxing break might be what a student needs. Now do not spend the whole summer binge watching Netflix, even though finally finishing that one series everyone has been talking about would not be a bad idea.  The best way to relax can be sleeping in, playing cards or board games, waiting a few days to start that summer homework, spending time with the family, or reading a book. Some great summer reads include Fly Me by Daniel Riley.

“…the story of a whip-smart Vassar grad named Suzy who, facing a life of respectability, does the responsible thing and ducks out to southern California to be a stewardess like her older sister. It’s the early 1970s, and so things get weird really fast. Is Suzy really going to get wrapped up in a drug smuggling scheme?” said Publisher Weekly.

Another excellent novel is Things That Happened Before the Earthquake by Chiara Barzini. The story takes place in the early 1990s and follows the story of a privileged Roman teenager who moves to L.A. after the 1992 riots. She has to understand the new culture that she is introduced to and find ways to navigate her new life ( Reviews Director, Louisa Ermelino )

There are tons of different ways to relax in the next three months during the summer.

The number of activities to do over the summer is endless, but hopefully these activities can help guide through the long break. Whether it be spent traveling the country or staying at home with a good book, this summer will be great.