Valentine’s Day: Then and Now


Abby Stone

An assortment of inexpensive Valentine’s Day chocolates and candies that would make an elementary schooler’s day.

Abby Stone, Staff Writer

Decadent dinner dates, overwhelming arrangements of roses, expensive sparkling jewelry, and an irresistible puppy; all ideal and reasonable Valentine’s Day classics right? Maybe in the eyes of high school millenials, but not simple minded elementary schoolers. Elementary pupils have much simpler desires when it comes to this holiday. Moreover, as age increases it appears peoples’ standards increase to sky high levels. When February 14th rolls around, this trend is as clear as day; especially in comparing high school and elementary school students’ epitome of Valentine’s Day ideals.


Everyone has a perception of the perfect V-Day plans. However, this precise schedule varies when analyzing high schooler and elementary schoolers’ thoughts.

“The best Valentine’s Day plans for me would be eating the most candy and cookies ever. I would eat all my candy while watching a movie and making cards for my family and friends,” said 4th grader T.J. at Long Meadow Elementary.

Clearly, this young student favors something very uncomplicated, but in his eyes would definitely be the greatest day ever.

“My ideal Valentine’s Day plans would probably start earlier in the morning at about 10 a.m. with a long drive listening to music. Then we would go to brunch somewhere nice. After that, we would go back home and watch movies in a fort my date and I made,” said sophomore Lauren Gnyp.

Although it may seem to be a far-fetched specific idea to some, this would be considered ‘goals’ to the majority of the high school student body. With that being said, it can evidently be concluded that high schoolers have much higher standards than elementary schoolers when it comes to what their ideal Valentine’s Day itinerary would look like.


Not only do Valentine’s Day plans differ in the minds of older and younger students, their favorite treats on this date provides support to this significant contrast as well.

“My favorite Valentine’s Day treats are suckers, but the red ones are the best because they’re my favorite,” said 4th grader Kayla at Long Meadow Elementary.

This sweet desire of a certain sucker is far more simple than a high schoolers. After all, the most complicated thing about it is the flavor and color preference.

“My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is cookie cake by far. It would be even better if it was personalized with a quote or my name on it to make it more sentimental too,” said junior Rome Antenucci.

If the most complex request of a treat by an elementary schooler is a certain sucker flavor, that is much more manageable than a whole personalized one of a kind cookie cake. Evidently, to make an elementary student’s Valentine’s Day with sweets would be a much simpler task than a high schooler’s.


Flowers, jewelry, and overpriced chocolates are always a must have on Valentine’s Day wishlists. That may be the case for the average high schooler but elementary schoolers prefer something that will not make a serious dent in one’s bank account.

“The best Valentine’s Day gift would be homemade cookies, stickers, and a teddy bear. That way I can eat cookies with my bear and put stickers on my school things to make them prettier,” said 4th grader Elle at Long Meadow Elementary.

When asked this question this young student imagined the most extraordinary gift possible. Crazy right? To a 4th grader this would be a jaw dropper but to a high schooler it would be more of a shoulder shrug.

“The best Valentine’s Day gift would be a huge assortment of roses and maybe a necklace or bracelet because they are must haves. Also Godiva chocolate covered strawberries or an Edible Arrangement would be amazing to go along with it,” said junior Julia Shafer.

Abby Stone
A bouquet of fresh roses that would fit on a high schooler’s Valentine’s Day wish list.

The quality of the previous listed gifts would be a tough argument, but their reasonability can definitely be argued. Between the expense and time that goes into a high schooler’s ideal gifts, it can be noted that an elementary schooler would be far cheaper and faster to shop for. Therefore, a typical high school student’s expectations are significantly higher than an elementary student’s.

When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that should be done more extravagantly in the eyes of the average high schooler. However, the simplest things can make for the greatest V-Day ever in the eyes of an elementary schooler. Between ideal plans, sweet treats, and jaw dropping gifts, these wishes and more reveal high contrast in the expectations of older and younger students. With that being said, it cannot be denied that standards rise right along with age. After all, what is more simplistic a red heart shaped sucker or decadent chocolate covered strawberries?