Uncertainty shouldn’t stop young voters



The United States flag.

The young voters of this generation have a very important role in today’s government. They account for half of the voting community.

This alone proves that the opinions of this country’s youths are important enough to be stood up for. Every individual’s opinions and beliefs are important and should be voiced because every vote really does count. Even though all of this is true, older generations are still more likely to vote than the younger ones.

“Especially as a young voter, I feel like our voices aren’t heard as much as the older people who are voting because they’ve been voting for so long. We are so new to the game, and I feel that we aren’t heard as much,” said senior Kyle Bush.

The fact that people feel unsure about voting is partly because young voters today feel uneducated about the government’s system and current political climate. Fortunately for them, it takes very little to become an educated voter in today’s society.  With the access to the internet that is available now, researching the candidates running or the ideals they represent can take minutes. Taking a little time to become an educated voter is worth it in the long run. The votes that come from those twenty minutes spent researching could affect the outcome of a future election. Recently, people have started to realize that becoming involved in this country’s election process is not only important, but needed in order to represent all views and beliefs.

“I think it’s important for the youth to vote because we are the future of this country, not our parents or grandparents. If we let them vote for us and not participate ourselves, then it’s what they want for our country and not what we, the future of America, want for our country,” said senior Hannah Berletich.

Considering the fact that the millennial population is extremely diverse, if more millennials started to vote, each person’s individual opinions will begin to affect the system as a whole.

The Washington Capital.

“Talking about people voting on who they want is one thing. The bigger picture is that if people are voting it means that they are more politically active and more in tune with what is going on and what our government is doing,” said Adams government teacher Mark MacFarland.

The youth of today are realizing that their voices matter, and they are starting to be heard. Now that more and more young people are voting, the younger generation is growing up more involved and active in their community. They see the change they can make, and the influence they have on the way their government is run. This realization is spreading and it may even change society for the better.