Too Cool for Trends?


Abby Jackson

AHS students show off their trends from PINK to khakis.

It is no secret that a lot of girls at Adams want to be different and stand out with what they wear. Everyone seems to be obsessed with new trends and how they can be the one to stand out with the best fashion style there is, but what about a different trend that is happening? It appears people as of late are “too cool for trends.”

Last year it was all about the hipster-look leggings with a big sweater accompanied with combat boots and an infinity scarf. This year, it seems that if someone is caught wearing that, her fashion status goes down a bit; not because it’s “so last year” but because “everyone is doing it.” People recently do not seem to want to follow trends, but are, in fact, starting a whole new trend by not following any.

What appears to be almost as popular as leggings at Adams, is the white Converse. It would seem that people who wear white Converse are attempting to be unique and in some cases, they are. However, if the shoes aren’t paired with the right outfit, the result is looking just like everyone else. Along with the converse, girls wear their skater dresses.

“I love dresses with Converse,” junior Molly McBride said. Wearing converse really tones down a dress and makes everything seem more casual than wearing four-inch wedges to school.

Girls have always been known for wearing what some people consider “too much makeup,” but now the tables have turned. Yes, many girls still wear heavy makeup, and dramatically wing their eyeliner, but a new trend has been rising lately. Now some girls wear only mascara to make it look as though they aren’t wearing make-up. If you really want the illusion you’re naturally and effortlessly beautiful, then wearing no makeup in the first place could always solve the problem.

Girls aren’t the only ones who follow the trends; boys follow them too. From extravagant Homecoming proposals to khaki pants, boys are just as quick to follow trends as girls are. Boys are usually not as open about the trends they follow, but it is quite clear they follow all kinds of trends.

“I wear tennis shoes, but I didn’t realize that was a trend going around,” said junior Jeremy Abreo.

There are people, however, who are “too cool” to follow the trends. It’s not that people explicitly think “I’m too cool to follow this trend”; they just want to follow a different path. Shopping at stores like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and even the Salvation Army seems different and less “basic” than Forever 21, but with so many people buying clothes there, is it not a trend? Shopping at stores that are less “mainstream” gives the illusion someone doesn’t want to follow trends, but trends are all about someone’s sense of style.

“I love Urban Outfitters,” said sophomore Grace Lee, “and I got the[se] shorts from there actually.”

There are always going to be new trends, whether it’s fashion or social, and they’re always bound to come back around. So keep all those old clothes because fashion always comes full circle.