The Pressing Issue of Public Transportation


Amanda Mazzuchi, Editor

The Rochester Area denied an online petition in favor of public transportation throughout Rochester. This would allow for residents in Oakland to have access to transportation in and out of the city. However, without it being passed, many residents are indignant.

“Barrett’s community of more than 70,000 residents…does not participate in the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation, better known as the SMART bus system,” said author of Rochester area officials: no resident demand for additional public transportation Paul Kampe.

The goal of this public transportation petition was to have the Smart bus system integrated into the suburbs and rural areas of Rochester Hills. Many rurals areas throughout Rochester are cut off from the community because of their inability to drive and are having population declines because of this. Yet, many are still wanting to be part of the community but are unable to do so because of the lengthy drive times or even the inability to drive.

Many teens and older generations are unable to drive and or have restrictions on their license.

“I live far away from the school and with both of my parents working, it is sometimes hard to hangout with friends and get to work on time. Especially without my license, public transportation would aid me in many different ways,” said sophomore Lily Morelock.

Aside from outside areas, the inner areas of Rochester are also in need of transportation. The core of Rochester is an aging community. On the other side of the spectrum there is a growing population of young adults who do not have their license or are not the greatest at driving. Public transportation would help the young people with license restrictions, and those who are unable to drive safely. At the same time, aiding the elderly across Rochester to drive to places like the library, medical facilities, social events, or even their friends house.

“Aside from helping the environment and reducing the amount of fossil fuels put into the environment, public transportation would make it way easier for me to hangout with my friends around the area because I do not have to worry about my license restrictions,” said sophomore Abby Guest.

Public Transportation can add to everyone’s daily life. Aside from the young and old generations, citywide transit can also greatly aid veterans returning from overseas. A lot of times, war veterans do not have cars and are often times struggling from money as it is. On top of this many do not have, or are separated from spouses. returning from overseas duties, those already separated and military spouses. Transit throughout Rochester could greatly aid these men and women by providing a safe and low-cost way to connect with work, schooling or college, hospitals, and other important services. It is also a great way for veterans to find jobs who do not have one after serving their time in a war.

Amanda Muzzuchi
A picture of downtown Rochester where many teens go to eat at the restaurants and shop.

Public transportation is also very helpful to the environment and is a great way to lower the amount of fossil fuels emitted into the environment. It also contributes to the health and safety of others by allowing irresponsible drivers a way to get around.

“We can reduce fatal car crashes involved with new drivers and the public transportation would only hire proven experienced drivers which would have less chance of a car accident than a teen,” said sophomore Audrey Beach.

The residence of Rochester are also very proud of their community. Yet, many do not experience this culture because they can not drive. It is proven that public transportation would bring in more income to small businesses and restaurants throughout the Rochester area. Additionally, many people who would otherwise miss out, are able to part take in Rochester events such as the farmers market and Fire and Ice Festival.

“Planned public transportation investments will yield a 2 to 1 return while helping to generate income for local businesses, its workers and their neighborhoods. In fact, this investment will yield more than $174 billion in business sales in the three cities examined…the emerging tech sectors in Silicon Beach, CA; Austin, TX; and Durham, NC and looked at public transportation’s emerging role in enhancing access to employees and promoting critical entrepreneurial infrastructure,” said CEO of APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Michael Melaniphy

Many may be concerned with the cost however, Melaniphy suggests that recycled materials and renewable energy sources will be used in the process. This is however only a future plan due to the decline of the petitio.

A picture of a SMART bus that is used as a way for people to get to work and school throughout Detroit.

“Capital construction, such as using sustainable building materials, recycled materials, and solar and other renewable energy sources to make facilities as ‘green’ as possible. Employing practices in operations and maintenance such as reducing hazardous waste, increasing fuel efficiency, creating more efficient lighting and using energy-efficient propulsion systems,” said Melaniphy.

With the lowered cost and benefit for the environment. There is no question the public transportation in and out of Rochester is the right idea for kids and older generations. Moving around Rochester is imperative to the growing economy, and there is no doubt that it would surely make the future brighter for young Americans.