The Pertinence of Peace Post-Election


Photo by: Jordan Revenaugh

Peace following the election is crucial to the country’s success and people must come together despite differences.

Jordan Revenaugh, Editor-In-Chief

The election has left a haze of conflicting emotions in its wake. Trump supporters are more than pleased, Clinton followers are devastated, and the rest of the population is simply annoyed with the continuing political turmoil. Among these three differing viewpoints, the country is infested with intolerance and contempt on all accounts. In the aftermath of what can be seen as one of the most controversial elections in history, nothing is more pertinent than acceptance and respect for all.

        The most striking forms of invective find themselves written thoughtlessly all over social media. Teens and adults alike have impulsively taken to Twitter and Facebook to spew their opinions, disregarding the detrimental impact their harsh words can have on their followers and friends. Social media has been a proponent of both blatant disrespect of others as well as the spread of false information post-election. While the incessant political fights happening between screens seems to be simmering to a close, much damage has already been done.

        The hate is not only spread by those hiding behind a screen. Protests and hate crimes are occurring regularly throughout the nation; however, neither side is entirely at fault. Upset Clinton supporters are lashing out at what they see to be a new wave of sexism and racism overtaking the nation. Meanwhile, radical advocates for Trump have made countless actions which provoke fear and hate in the already upset constituents of the Democratic Party. Trump, along with the majority of his cohorts, neither condones nor supports the offensive actions of these radicals, but the principle that they associate with Trump is what creates concern.

        In the midst of all this mayhem, apprehensive citizens wonder if peace is a possibility for the future. Although being vocal and sharing opinions is an important aspect of politics and free speech in this country, what is more significant is respect of contradicting beliefs. Peace can only be attained when political passions are treated courteously, regardless of whether they be liberal or conservative. Especially in the aftermath of this most divisive election, when the wounds of Clinton supporters are still fresh and the euphoria of Trump supporters is setting in, nothing is more pertinent than the notion of respect.

        The nation is divided, perhaps more than expected. That fact cannot be denied, and it is only verified by the deep-rooted hate wreaking havoc throughout the nation on both ends of the political spectrum. Unity can be achieved even in the company of differing opinions. A peaceful accord is a possibility for the nation, in fact it is just out of reach. A week after the election, the news has had time to set in, and it is time that the nation takes steps forward together, toward harmony and toward peace. In order to truly “Make America Great Again,” America needs to develop a certain level of respect for differing opinions and viewpoints.