The Next Wave of Entrepreneurs


StockX Headquarters in Detroit

Zach Liem, Staff Writer

The next wave of America’s entrepreneurs is here, and they want shoes!

Since the formation of the online clothing marketplace StockX, many young individuals have transformed into young entrepreneurs. StockX’s online marketplace allows a safe online market for people to buy and sell desirable items. 

Many students across the country have found ways to make serious incomes through the world of StockX. The process starts by a person obtaining a desirable item that will sell for more money than the item was originally purchased. The seller of the item will then go online to StockX, and list the item for sale. Next, a person will place his or her top dollar bid for the desired price. Once the listing price is matched, or the bid is accepted, the seller has just initiated a sale

Students and individuals across the county have started taking this process to the next level. “I started reselling only a little over a year ago. I started buying one or two shoes a week, to now spending over fifty thousand dollars on shoes last week, and have over three hundred shoes in inventory waiting to be shipped to StockX,” said Tommy Jiang, a student at the University of Oregon

Even at Rochester Adams High School, many are starting to catch on.

“I started reselling when I saw my other friends doing it and saw myself making huge returns right from the start! I have now formed my own company while being in high school,” said senior Douglas Bombard.

StockX has revolutionized the way people make money via the internet, and without them, many would never know what they were capable of achieving.

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An inside look at the StockX Office’s in Detroit

“I think it is amazing that StockX has given young people a platform to make careers, and thousands and thousands of dollars, I feel like I am really apart of something revolutionary here at StockX,” said Bruce Petit, an account manager at StockX. StockX has exposed many people to the future of e-commerce, and is making a lasting impact on future generations to come.