The Highlanders Are Back


Ava Bondra

Highlanders getting used to the new classroom setting.

Ava Bondra, writer

Rochester Adams High School is finally going back to in-person learning for the first time since October of 2020. 

In the beginning, the 2021 school year was on pause. RCS was forced to come to a decision that no in-person learning would be taking place. A month later, RCS went back to in-person learning for the first time. On October 19th, RCS came up with a new plan. The idea was that one half of the school would attend in-person classes two days a week, while the other half attended asynchronous learning, and vice-versa. RCS decided to divide the school by last name: A- L on Monday and Tuesday, and M-Z on Thursday and Friday. But, this idea was short-lived. Governor Gretchen Whitmer decided to close down high schools, colleges, and restaurants due to a spike in Covid-19 cases. With high school students only having four in-person classes total, it was a huge disappointment to students. 

“I wish we could have been in school longer. As a senior, I thought my senior year was going to turn around. Unfortunately, this was not the case,” said senior Alexis Wolas.

A couple months later, RCS was given the decision to allow K-8 in-person learning to continue. But, since this restriction was nearing the holidays, RCS decided to shift all grade levels to learning online. The holidays played a huge factor in in-person learning. With Thanksgiving and Christmas break, it meant families seeing relatives and others traveling across the nation. RCS chose to stay online for the rest of 2020, for the safety of the students and staff. 

On January 8, 2021, Governor Gretchen Whitmer came out with a shocking yet exciting statement. Whitmer stated that schools should offer in-person classes by March 1st. Just like that, RCS decided to return to school on February 1st. 

“It feels like forever since we have been to school. I am more excited to see my teachers and finally learn like we normally do,” said senior Lauren Petersmark.

The return to in-person learning was a little different from October. Students in cohort A would attend in-person learning Monday and Tuesday for only half the day. Then, cohort B students would attend online classes for the last half of the day, and vice-versa. 

“It was a little confusing at first. After figuring it out, I actually enjoy this schedule much more than the previous ones,” said senior Carly Schultz.

Covid-19 definitely had an impact on the lives of students, especially students with the challenge of online learning. But, the Highlander community united and made the absolute best of the situation.

Students walking the hallways for the first time since October of 2020.