Super Fans Bring Super Spirit


Joe Bolewitz

The Highlander greets cheering super-fans at the Homecoming Game.

The glaring lights welcome the fans of Rochester Adams High School as they rush to the front row of the bleachers at the football game. While the excitement usually levels off here for most schools, this is only the beginning for Adams. At this point the super fans emerge and the school spirit soars.

At any of the Adams’ athletic competitions, it is undeniable that the Highlanders have a more intense participation of school spirit than the competing school has. This fervor can be observed through a single glance toward the home and away bleachers. Whether Adams is the guest or home team, their bleachers are always filled, almost packed, with students and supportive fans wearing brown and gold, kilts or the weekly theme.

In comparison to the competing team’s empty and uncooperative fan-filled bleachers, Adams exhibits an extraordinary amount of spirit. Displaying school spirit through ones’ apparel, however, is only one way that a super fan participates.

Super fans not only display school spirit with their wardrobe, but also demonstrate extraordinary support and spirit through their actions. Super fans also attend almost all sporting events and other school sponsored activities, particularly those for which Rochester Adams focuses in on throughout the year.

The homecoming game and dance spurs an immense desire among students and fans alike to cheer for a victorious game. While most schools have fans who sit in the bleachers and silently root for their high school’s team with an occasional outburst of applause, Adams has fans who take cheering to the next level.

Highlander cheers vary from student created slogans to passing signs through the crowd while verbally cheering as loud as can be for a victory.

Whether the Highlanders’ victory is visible in the final score of the game or not, it is evident in the school spirit. The super fans create a supportive and optimistic atmosphere for the students and the players giving them the ability to turn a physical loss into a school spirited win.

At the end of the day, Adams’ fans use their spirit and hold their pride, while the other teams will come and go with a temporary feeling of victory or defeat.