School Uniforms: Love or Loathe


Private schools have paved a way for school uniforms leaving public school questioning there dress code.

School uniforms enhance school pride and demonstrate unity and spirit. However, it has been proven school uniforms do not improve attendance, academic awareness, or exam scores, according to professor David L. Brunsma who co-authored a school uniform study.

Dress code is an ongoing argument in school especially for girls. Continuous reminders about shorts, skirts, dresses, and tank tops. Some students may think introducing school uniforms will settle the issue. Others disagree and prefer to express themselves through their fashion choices.

“I think it is a bad idea to force students to wear uniforms because some may not be able to afford, them and it does not allow students to be themselves. A student’s clothing choice is used as a way to express themselves and gives people and sense of independence to make their own choices,” said junior Adrian Vazquez Faya.

Taken by Ari Helminen
The different types of school uniforms for girls, all basic with a blazer and skirt.

Being able to express oneself is an essential piece of high school. Each student is finding oneself, and stripping a student of the right to dress the way they want may alter his or her self-esteem. School uniforms consist of dress shirts, pants, and/or skirts, all of the same color coordinating with the schools desires. Most students neglect the idea of school uniforms and want to be comfortable in their clothes ready to start a seven hour school day.

“I do not think students should have to wear school uniforms, because currently students are able to express themselves by wearing what they are comfortable in. Students will not perform to their greatest without being comfortable. In addition, many students cannot afford to buy an entire wardrobe dedicated to school,” said senior Jake Hart.

Affordability is also a large set back for students in public schools. Even in Rochester Schools there are students that cannot afford the basic school necessities already. School uniforms in public schools undermine the “promise” of free education by imposing the extra expense of a uniform.

For families willing to pay yearly tuition for private schooling, it is understandable for a required dress code. However, public schools are meant for the general public. A study done by The Children’s Commision on Poverty found that 95% of parents with low incomes reported issues to meet school-related costs, including uniforms, despite their children attending public school. The outlook on school uniforms is mainly declined by students and faculty for many reasons. Adams continues to allow students to choose their clothes and have a diverse display of style.