Pumpk-in or Pumpk-out?


Shelby Smith

Grocery stores like Trader Joe’s (pictured) often have entire aisles dedicated to pumpkin-flavored selections

Charlotte Pierce, Editor-in-Chief & Opinion Editor

It’s official: pumpkin spice is taking over the world.

Apparently, fall is incomplete without the consumption of these questionably orange substances. This plague started with the seemingly-innocent Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (which has coined the acronym “PSL”). The epidemic has grown exponentially since then. Cookies, cakes, coffee, and even hair color isn’t safe from the pumpkin spice virus.

This, of course, poses the question: Who cares? If pumpkin is so delicious, why not take advantage of the fall festivities and grab a PSL? Indulging in a seasonal treat every once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone.

However, when there isn’t a restaurant in town that lacks a pumpkin spice-themed confection, or a grocery store that doesn’t carry ridiculous creations of pumpkin spice popcorn and chocolate, there’s something wrong. It seems as though producers are trying to cram in as much pumpkin spice as they can, and Americans are drinking the latte.

It’s time to branch out, folks. Try Starbucks’ new Toasted Graham Latte as a substitute. Venture out into the apple-cinnamon flavors. Don’t succumb to the pumpkin spice disease. The craze only grows if it’s allowed to.