Pokemon Sword and Shield Review


Game Freak

Pokemon Sword & Shield logo and starters

It has been three years since the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon in 2016. After that release, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next installment in the beloved series. On November 15th, Pokemon fans all across the world rejoiced as the day finally came when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were to be released. 

GameFreak, the creators of Pokemon, took an interesting approach to promoting this game compared to their previous titles. In the months leading up to Sun and Moon, Gamefreak  revealed significant details about the game  before the official release. This included reveals for Pokemon, characters, and even the main story plot. Fans even joked that there was no reason to buy the game as they could just watch all the trailers. However, it seemed the opposite approach was taken with Pokemon Sword and Shield. This time around, GameFreak decided to reveal little to nothing about the game before it’s release. Fans of the series rejoiced, as this would be the first time in nine years that most of the Pokemon were not revealed before the game’s release.

When starting out their adventure, the player has a choice of which starter Pokemon to bring with them on their adventure. The choice between Scorbunny; the sporty fire type rabbit, Grooky; the musically inclined grass type chimp, or Sobble; the shy water type chameleon is definitely a hard one. Not to mention, the Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta and their themes make the experience truly legendary.

“I love the starter Pokemon, especially Sobble he is a good boy and is cute,” said senior Henri Tian

Pokemon Sword and Shield are a breath of fresh air in the series. For the first time, it felt like an adventure going across the region searching for the mysterious and powerful creatures known as Pokemon. A majority of which have never been revealed to the public before. It may be true that Pokemon Sword and Shield has had its fair share of controversy, but that does not stop this game from truly shining. Along with the Pokemon, the music in Sword and Shield is easily in the top three of all Pokemon games. To go into specifics, the “Gym Leader” final theme and the “Battle Tower” theme both excel above anything that has come before it. Interestingly, the Battle Tower theme was composed by Toby Fox; the same man who created the game UNDERTALE which is known for its stellar music. 

“The music is jazzy, upbeat, and catchy which is perfect for this type of game,” said junior Jack Jackson.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are not simply games: they are an experience. For beginners to the Pokemon games, there is no better place to start. Pokemon Black and White have been hailed as the best Pokemon games in the series for years, but it is evident that Pokemon Sword and Shield may have taken that spot.