Futuristic becoming Realistic


New Straits Times

Elon Musk presenting the Cybertruck.

Automotive manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to set their vehicles  apart from the competition. ThisYear, Elon Musk unveiled the “Cybertruck,” an electric pickup truck that Tesla hopes will take the market by storm based on its unique design, versatility and toughness. 

 Tesla debuted the truck in Los Angeles on November 21, in front of fans and journalists. Its unique, futuristic design ensures it will certainly stand out on the road. Instead of looking like a traditional pick-up truck, the Cybertruck has a stainless steel exterior with a triangular roof. Students have been very interested and attracted to the Tesla brand overall with the newly added software systems that are incorporated in their cars.  The cybertruck has been compared to a Delorean, the fictional vehicle featured in the movie Back to The Future. Many Tesla car owners rave about the sleekness in all released car models. 

“The futuristic yet modernistic look makes the car a sight to see,” said Roy Logan, an owner of the Model 3. 

 Aside from its unique appearance, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck’s other key attributes include that it drives better than most sports cars. Reaching speeds of 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, the new Cybertruck is more useful than a normal truck. However, Musk boasts that the key selling point for the vehicle will be its toughness, indicating that it will be virtually bulletproof.

 “We’re going to be using the same alloy as in the Starship rocket,” said Musk, referring to his SpaceX project. 

There are many benefits that make electric vehicles attractive including being cheaper to run and maintain than conventional vehicles, as well as being better for the environment. It’s  hard to tell what kind of consumer and the amount that will be in the market for the Tesla truck since there hasn’t been a lot of overlap between pickup truck buyers and Tesla buyers.

Cybertruck interior

Another appeal of the Tesla truck is its price. The base version of the truck will start at $39,900, which is only about $10,000 more than the price of a base model Ford F-150. The most high-powered version would cost $69,900. To check out the Cybertruck and other car models specific details, go to Tesla’s homepage. Although Tesla says the Cybertruck will not hit the market for about another two years, the company is taking preorders now, so to acquire this truck it will not be the easiest task. This truck will be a great purchase coming closer to these popular holiday months.