AHS Gets Creative with Creative Writing Project

Josie Wenzell, Staff Writer

Writing is something crucial that needs to be brought outside the classroom. 

 After taking a creative writing class last year, junior, Claire Donohoe realized the lack of a platform for students who enjoy writing. Yes, there is one class, but is that enough to fill the thirst for such an art? Writing, like trees, grows as time progresses and can not be crunched into the small time frame of a semester.

Donohoe proposes an open mic night, where students will be able to read their pieces without judgement.

“We want to work on having an open mic night or a slam poetry night where their parents can come. They can just express what they’ve been working on, or they can talk with other kids, and even just get a feel for what writing could be,” said Donohoe.

The possibilities for writing are endless, so it is important to provide a platform for which students can utilize for their benefit. The event is not intended to be a demanding commitment either.

“It is more than just a group and like I said earlier, kids will just be able to come in and get feedback on their writing,” said Donohoe.

So even if a student is hesitant to join this kind of project, he or she can just remember that with every piece a writer grows. One does not need to feel confident in their writing at first; it may take time. 

Junior Claire Ferguson also has an interest in writing, but has yet to freelance write. 

“I think writing is a way for students to share anything they’re feeling through this art. An open mic night would open many doors for students for new opportunities and meeting new friends through writing,” said Ferguson.

An open mic night is the perfect opportunity for anyone to get their feet wet with writing and see if it suits creative desires. With Donohoe leading the way, Adams will be able give the students this platform easily accessible for every student, regardless of ability. Writing can help everyone in a different way. Sometimes, an escape from technology is just what the mind needs.