Adams Student Section Dwindles Down to Boring


Photo by: Noelle Dunbar

Rochester Adams student section representing their school before it became uninteresting.

Anna Abouzeid, Staff Writer

For the last four years, AHS held the title of being one of the top ten student sections in Michigan .  Once again this year, our student body managed to unite in order to form an entertaining and encouraging crowd to support the fellow athletes. Although Adams started off strong, the current issue the student body is now facing, is the lack of a pepped up student section.

The class of 2017 has been expected to adhere to very high expectations to surpass tremendous rankings set by previous student sections. AHS students have represented the school name quite well by participating in school themes, boosting attendance to games and providing a positive energy toward players of both the home and opposing teams.     

Though Adams was ranked the number one student section in 2016, once 2017 rolled around, several revolving factors caused rankings to plummet. The significant reason as to why Adams’ student section has been going downhill is the new restrictions in place, restrictions which disallow the use of props, including signs of encouragement to represent the passion for school spirit.

Though some specific privileges may have been previously abused, self-expression is very important to young adults and should be allowed as long as it is appropriate and sends a positive message to the crowd. Yes, discipline is an understandable circumstance to encourage well-mannered behavior and good sportsmanship, but students have already endured the consequences.

Some students who have violated school policy have been barred from attending any further events, but still there remains the rest of the student body. Must the majority endure a punishment that has been set forth merely due to the misdoings of a few individuals? The students of Adams have learned from their previous mistakes and the mistakes of others around them.

High schools are all about competition with one another through sports and academics. If the rivalry between schools does not exist, these extracurricular events would be viewed as less entertaining, thus deterring students from attending the events; withholding individuals from socializing prevents them from making the most of their high school experience.

Adams seems to be slowly falling under this description of a “boring student section” due to students beginning to display a lack of participation in school events. In order to regain the school’s rankings and attendance levels, the use of props and entertainment must be reinstated to students.