She Said

Elise Delikat, Editor

Years of sitting on the couch watching football with my dad, I have gained some football knowledge over the years. We all can agree that a great majority of games are pretty boring with the exceptions of playoffs and of course the Superbowl. The Super Bowl is the most watched football game of the year, with an average of 103.4 million viewers; however, many of these viewers are not watching the game for football at all.

It is pretty rare to see a nail-biting and entertaining Super Bowl; there tends to be a large score differential between teams, making the game nearly impossible to watch. For these common, boring games, a great majority of viewers watch the programs in hope of seeing their favorite artist perform either before the game singing the National Anthem, or during the big and infamous halftime show. Even then, a lot of the time the artists performing might not be your cup of tea. So what is the point of even watching the game?

A prominent reason people watch the Superbowl is for the commercials. It is a tradition in my family to vote on the best commercial played during the game. It is a fun way to stay tuned in to the on-going and uneventful game. Every year my family anticipates the upcoming commercials while recollecting previous ads that have been stuck in our minds for years. I can tell you that you may not remember that one catch that one player made in the Super Bowl four years ago, but you will remember that M&M commercial from 2012 when they introduced the new candy character.  

All in all, the Super Bowl allows families and friends to come together to watch one of the biggest sports phenomenons. While some watch the game out of pure love for the sport, many actually tune in in hopes of catching another memorable commercial.