He Said

Luke Hannenberg, Staff Writer

He: Every year millions of families across the United States gather around their television to watch the Super Bowl, one of the most viewed sporting event in American history. While most families like to watch the actual football game, there are some people who do not want to watch the game at all, in fact they despise football in general. These types of people often gather around to watch the commercials. Who would want to sit around simply to watch a bunch of advertisements? The people who watch this game solely for the ads might say the selected commercials are funny or more entertaining than the game itself. Saying that simple ads are more exciting to watch than two of the best teams in the NFL facing off in a monumental game is utterly absurd.

Sure some of the commercials were funny this year; however, there were a lot of sad and weepy ones as well. For example, companies like Buick and Stella Artois decided to tug at the heartstrings by promoting Buick’s donations to cancer research. On a similar note, Stella Artois used the well-known actor, Matt Damon, for advertising as he stands in front of the camera blatantly telling the audience to buy their limited edition chalice, so that they can donate water to those who need it. For people looking to be entertained by the Superbowl commercials, this does not seem to do the job. Some still may say that the “gems” of the Superbowl are the ads, but 30 seconds of video and a punchline that does not appear until halfway through the commercial shouldn’t meet the standard of entertaining or the quality of a football game pitting the final two teams against each other. In the end, Superbowl commercials are just there so we have something to watch or listen to while snacking or socializing during the breaks between plays…nothing less, nothing more.