The End of an Era


Al Dimarco

The Adams Student Section right before the annual crosstown rivalry football game against Rochester High School.

Luke Hannenberg, Staff Writer

Another Friday night at the Rochester Adams football stadium, senior Zach Soldan throws a touchdown pass to senior Vincent Gray and the student section goes crazy. Meanwhile, there is another battle taking place outside of the football field. The Adams Administration is pushing for a student section name change from “The CummZone” to something that would represent Adams in a more “positive light” as our current principal Pasquale Cusumano would put it.

Some are unaware of the origin of our student section name, “The CummZone”. The name originated when Kevin Cumming was made principal of Rochester Adams in 2012. Although the name of the student section has sentimental meaning behind it, but it is also perceived as innuendo, which is what has caused some controversy.

The new senior student section leaders (Blake Conley, Brandyn Keys, Davis Reifel, Jacob Barnett, and Al Dimarco) are reluctant to the name change, but seem to understand that working with the administration is necessary.

Jacob Barnett
Blake Conley, Brandyn Keys, Jacob Barnett, Al Dimarco and Davis Reifel; Student sections leaders at time of publication.

“Knowing that we’re the only school with a name as funny as this one, I understand that the administration has to do their job and say no,” said senior Dimarco.

Although some students do not support the name change, the majority do not seem to mind. Though it is not the name that brings the fun to the games, but the great time to be had by all students, it is truly amazing how a student body can come together and collectively have a good time under the Friday night lights.

“The name doesn’t change the passion we have for the game; it’s the fun times that we have in the stands. Every game is a blast no matter what you call it,” said senior Keely Bombard.

There has been a great deal of confusion around the school regarding who will be changing the student section name. Many believe that it is in the hands of the new student section leaders, while others claim the new principal, Pasquale Cusumano, will be in charge of renaming it. However, after an interview with Cusumano, suspicion has been lifted.

“When, I came in, it was an opportunity to [start off] fresh and work with the student section. I told them I’ll work with you guys, and you guys come up with it; your chance to do it, but I’m not going to support something that’s inappropriate…they would be on their own,” said Cusumano.

Overall, it appears to be the best option for the student section to work with the administration when dealing with a situation like this. Several potential new names have been suggested for the Adams student section; however, most of these ideas were shot down due to their inappropriate or ridiculous meanings. For example, “The Clan” was one name being considered, but it was denied due to drawing unwanted references to the “Ku Klux Klan.” Other ideas included: “The Highland,” “The Chum Bucket,” and “Gold Rush.” One of these ideas, “The Chum Bucket”, was popular on the list of names; however, it was declined because it does not relate to the school. The temporary verdict for the new name of the student section is “The Adams Family” highlighting not only the popular movie, but the Adams High School family. But, many students are still hopeful that our hype student section will get the hype name it deserves.