He Said…

Tyler Borglin, Staff Writer

So what exactly is the whole debate about the pregame antics at the rivalry game between the Spartans and the Wolverines?

The “big brother” and “little brother” terms have been used by both sides in regards to their football programs for years. The terms made both sides upset because of the disrespect coming from U of M towards MSU. Although, in recent years, The University of Michigan has not been very successful in the battle for the Paul Bunyan trophy. Jim Harbaugh is now 2-2 against the Spartans.

In the days leading up to the highly anticipated rivalry game, U of M and MSU fans were already trash talking the opposing side and on the Saturday of October 17th, State fans spray painted MSU over the symbolic Diag block M on The University of Michigan’s campus. As a result, the students of U of M expressed their anger and disgust toward MSU in Michigan’s local newspaper, the Michigan Daily.

I also think that what Michigan State did is immature and aggravating. All of this was done with the hopes of making the U of M fans upset, and it did. When the game approached on October 20th, things got more interesting. Before the game began, the MSU team walked in tradition across the field with arms crossed, as it normally does before every home game. The problem was, the team was late for its pregame routine, and some U of M players were already on the field warming up.

Why not get a slightly early start to the pregame warm-up? So as a few Michigan players were warming up, MSU players suddenly began their “ritual” on the field, giving no warning to the Michigan players and, essentially, roughing up the U of M players. Devin Bush Jr., one of the players that was knocked down, got up and tried to fight with the MSU players. Not long after leaving the field, Bush Jr. returned to tear apart the Spartan logo in the center of the field. Bush Jr.’s actions were not exactly necessary, but they were justified.

Proving that knocking the Michigan players to the ground was excessive and inappropriate, Michigan State University was fined $10,000 for the player’s unnecessary acts of immaturity.