“Halloween” Movie Review: Is There a Boogie Man on Halloween?


Credit: Universal Pictures; Captured from trailer

Michael Myers from the movie Halloween.

Looking for a movie to make Halloween night a little more interesting? Wondering if there is a boogie man on Halloween night? “Halloween” is a horror film starring a serial killer named Michael Myers, who returns on Halloween night.

This American Horror film is the eleventh in the series and is a direct sequel of the 1978 film. Michael Myers is sent to a sanitarium when he was a child for the murder of his sister, along with many other teens. The film takes place forty years after the killing spree that occurred in 1978, in Haddonfield, Illinois, when Michael Myers escapes and returns Halloween night.

The film includes many methods used in horror films such as creepy music, screams, and sound effects in order to leave the viewer with chills down his/her spine. Overall, the movie has a dark mood because most of the film takes place during the night. Whenever Michael Myers comes into the scene, a specific song comes on, so the audience gets anxious because they don’t know what Myers is going to do.

“The movie looks pretty intense and seems to have a lot of scary scenes,” said senior Eli King.

Universal Pictures
Theatrical release poster

In the movie, there is a transferring of prisoners, including Michael, to a new facility. The bus breaks down and the prisoners are let out. Ironically, the first night of Michael being free falls on Halloween, allowing him to disguise himself wearing a mask. Everyone is dressed in a costume preventing anyone from discovering that there was going to be mass chaos in a few hours.  

In the past Halloween films, Michael’s face is never seen. It is the first time that the audience gets a glimpse of Michael’s real identity because the new film shows a side profile of him. The mask Michael wears is grey, has hair, and is a scary effect on its own because viewers tend to get a bad feeling when seeing the mask.

The remake seems to have hit the mark as it has gotten a 79% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 76% score from the audience.

“The movie is super good. It was really suspenseful! I would highly recommend it,” said senior Olivia Davies.

“Halloween” is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a film to make them question if they should walk in the dark. It will provide unwanted goosebumps and chills down the spine as it is based on real events.