A Year of Extremes: Top Trends of 2015



Silhouettes are an important part of a fashionable look

From dyeing and glittering armpits to sucking on shot glasses to get big, kissable lips, 2015 was undeniably filled with extreme (and at times unsafe) trends. For boys, girls, and everyone in between, fashion has come a long way in a mere year.

Makeup was bolder than ever before in 2015. Eyebrows became the biggest beauty statement, with girls religiously filling their brows to assure they are “on fleek”. “Natural”, dramatically shaped ombré brows became everyone’s goal, and almost everyone achieved it.

Speaking of bigger, fuller features, 2015 was all about Kylie Jenner’s lips. Kylie, half-sister of the famous Kardashian girls and the latest spotlight family member, got lip implants that grabbed the attention of the public. Not long after, the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” spread like a virus across the internet. Everyone began sucking on shot glasses and water bottles, causing the blood to rush to and swell their lips, achieving not so glamorous,  swollen, bruised lips. This challenge became dangerous quickly with split lips and bruising, prompting 2015’s other, safer lip trend: making a second pair of lips with lip liner and matte lipstick.

The colors of 2015 were less daring than in previous years, a fact made obvious by the two major colors of the year: serendipity, a pastel blue, and rose quartz, a pale pink shade. Pastel tones dominated all other palettes, even overtaking the classic black and white combo. Ashley Nell Tipton’s plus-sized pastel collection even won Project Runway season ten. The fashion world was overtaken by pale, feminine shades and floral accessories which soon made their way to the mainstream.

Gender roles seemed to switch this year for hairstyles. As guys grew their manes out to participate in the “man bun” trend, girls were chopping their long locks to achieve that perfect, casually tousled vibe. Hair color was also wildly flamboyant in 2015, with candy-colored and pale shades rocking the mainstream along with vibrant variations of natural hair. Facial hair was also impacted by the sudden wave of femininity as men began decorating their beards with glitter and flowers.

Last year was eventful to say the least, something that was absolutely reflected in its fashion. History will prove that 2015 was a year of trial and error, but it will be a year remembered for its hits, not just its misses. Hopefully 2016 will follow suit with a year of triumph in the fashion world.