What to Wear to Homecoming: Men’s Edition


Photo by: Colin Gill

Men’s’ outfits are not as simple as they seem.

Colin Gill, Staff Writer

While lady Highlanders agonize over what dress to wear to Homecoming each year, their male counterparts seem to have a relatively simpler decision process when it comes to Homecoming attire.

“Everyone was wearing suits or dresses. I’d say the girls were dressed better than the guys,” said sophomore Connor McClennen, who attended Homecoming for the first time last year.

It seems that girls are outperforming guys in the style department. Maybe this year should be the time when men finally leave the black suit/black tie behind and let the spirit of glamor into their hearts. Do not fall into the trap of wearing the same clothes for every formal occasion. This handy guide is all about what men should wear to Homecoming this year.

Consider the variables to building a complete outfit. The first? Tie or bowtie? Two piece or three piece suit? With so many questions to answer before being fully outfitted, it should be no surprise that dressing up intimidates guys like it does.

“I have to wear nice clothes for my marketing class sometimes,” said senior Maxwell Perraut. “I don’t have to  wear nice clothes often.” Maxwell needed his parents’ assistance for much of the clothing process.

Thanks to the volumes of information on style available in this information age, the art of dressing up need not be a secret anymore. Here are some ways of answering these questions without the assistance of a fashion expert.

Before you buy anything, think about all of what you will be wearing. Have an idea of what you need and what you want. Plan for cool, autumn weather. If weather in the Midwest does what it does best and changes without warning, then layers will certainly guard against the capricious Michigan skies.

Color coordination is the key to looking sharp. Not only do outfits need to match in and of themselves, they also may need to coincide with the outfit of a date or friends. Imagine if three friends going in a group wear black and another one wears bright yellow. Total disaster.

Beyond weather and color, what specifically does one wear? Picking out a suit is actually easier than it seems, but can be daunting to someone who is unfamiliar with dressing themselves properly. Suits come in many colors, patterns, and styles. They consist of two pieces (jacket and pants) or three (adding a vest) and a collared shirt of the wearer’s choice. The outfit comes together with a neck tie for a traditional look or with a bow tie for a unique, sophisticated look.

The choice of suit depends entirely on the opinion of the wearer. Suits are versatile, comfortable, and personal. Of course, if someone takes a date, the date may express a preference for what they wear. Choose whatever suits you best.

Perhaps guests need not arrive in a full suit. There are ways to eschew the full jacket and tie while retaining a snappy and handsome look. In fact, if a suit is financially or personally unattractive, it is still possible to build a good look for the dance.

Begin with the pants; black dress pants, as a rule of thumb, go with anything. Beige dress pants also match most simple outfits. Jeans, obviously, are a bad idea. Tennis shoes can also bring down an outfit. Find a pair of nice dress shoes or loafers.  Shoes are an investment, for they can last a long time and accommodate many occasions if properly taken care of. Many dress shoes can be worn without socks, but if not they should match the color of the pants or the shoes. Finally, choose a shirt and tie that match one another. Matching color does not come easy to most people. Remember back to elementary art class when trying to match your outfit. Think about complementary, warm, and cool colors, or get a black tie as black matches every color. If you still cannot choose a tie, do not worry – most department and retail stores sell shirts that come with a matching tie.

It seems that by some unwritten law boys cannot be fabulous, and any man who cares about his appearance is somehow emasculated for it. Clearly, anyone who buys into these myths is missing out. Picking out an outfit for one of the happiest nights of the school year should not be embarrassing or stressful. Have a classy Homecoming, Adams.