Valentine’s Day On A Budget


Photo by: Anna Abouzeid

There are plenty of trendy romantic movies on Netflix meant for the perfect date.

Anna Abouzeid, Staff Writer

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, what is there to do? Many couples prepare the ‘perfect’ romantic date.  Many madly in love individuals scatter the country, frantically brainstorming ideas for an extravagant night out, yet somehow manage to come up with absolutely nothing.

Yes, a luxurious, expensive date seems like the ideal fit for a successful Valentine’s Day, but sticking to simple, local and cute ideas will spark up the same effect between two love birds. What does that include? Here are a few ideas to get the brainstorming started.

If simplicity is key, it doesn’t get more simple than a laid back night watching a significant other’s favorite movies and cooking a meal together. Look up several recipes ahead of time to create a delicious and easy entree, along with dessert. This is an easy way to ensure delightful quality time with a special someone. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

“I am huge on baking. I would love to just spend a good time baking heart-shaped cookies and cakes with my favorite person,” said senior Maria Lowe.

Once flour has been scattered in blotches all over the kitchen floor, and the leftover cookie dough batter has been licked clean off of kitchen utensils, it is time to relax. Rent a favorite movie ahead of time, or browse through Netflix and Amazon Fire for latest releases. It could be a horror movie to spark up the cuddles, or a romantic movie to send a reminder of appreciation towards one another.

“The perfect Valentine’s Day in my opinion would be dinner, lots of conversation, and a nice movie. Just spending time with a special person,” said junior Delaney Rutherford.

Not the baking and cooking type of person? Go out for some cake and ice cream. Places like Sanders, Coldstone or Dessert Oasis have delicious options and cozy areas to hang out. Anything dealing with chocolate is automatically a winning situation.

Planning a date with someone when the relationship is somewhat new can be especially difficult. The worries of coming off too strong, versus not coming out affectionate enough are frequent thoughts. Start with something “chill” and fun such as a game night. The arcade is an amazing place to just enjoy a good time and get to know people without any pressure. Hit up a fierce competition of Dance Dance Revolution at Dave & Busters. The best part of arcades is impressing the person by collecting the most tickets. As the night begins to wrap up, the anxiety accelerates due to the high hopes of winning the special someone an uncommonly caught stuffed animal to take home for memories.   

Considering Michigan has frosty weather during this time of year, it is likely to assume there will be enough snow to go outside for a nice round of sledding and snowman building.  In the off chance that it is not snowing, take a visit to the local Pine Knob resort. Rent some skis or snowboards and spend the day at the slopes. Even though some are not very experienced with snow sports, it is always amusing and entertaining to learn. Afterwards, enjoy a nice meal or some hot cocoa, allowing time for meaningful conversation.

Detroit is also a  beautiful city with many areas that have yet to be explored by many individuals. Take a day trip to walk around the city; look at buildings that may have never been brought to mind. Stop by the Detroit Zoo – there is no better way to make new memories than adventuring.

On the way, take a few pit stops at several new restaurants that neither person has been to and taste test an assortment of foods. No one would turn down some good meals. End the day with a little bit of embarrassing, (unless extremely talented), but romantic event of ice skating at the rink at Campus Martius Park, Detroit.

Lastly, surprise your special valentine with tickets to a cool gig or local concert . Even though they may not be the most popular artists, sometimes it is better to enjoy something new at a cute, unfamiliar location. These types of events usually trigger the most memorable moments, best dances and endless conversation.

“At the end of the day, it is all about spending time with my special girl. No matter what it is, I know it will be a good time,”  said senior Alex Tribuzio.

Do not worry about spending crazy amounts of money in order for the date to be considered romantic, and meaningful. There are plenty of nearby, inexpensive events, locations and date ideas that will do the job and spark the same amount of chemistry.  Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!