Turn That Frown Upside Down



Calm, sunny morning at an island shoreline.

Ever wake up in the morning from a good night sleep and just think, “Why am I awake?”. Whether it is on the way to school or work, the same thought pops up, “Man, I should have called in dead.”

But, that is life. Life is like Michigan’s weather; most of the time it is cold and sad, and only a short amount of time is it actually warm and enjoyable. I’m just kidding, life is not like that at all. Well, maybe a little. Anyways, everyone is going to have bad days, and when that occurs, just remember, it will get better.

Take a walk outside, go to your favorite eating spot, even a place like Chuck E. Cheese or McDonald’s where you can order a delicious, childish ‘Happy Meal’. In other words, just go somewhere to clear your mind. With winter coming to a close and spring on the way, it is best to think about all the fun warm-weather activities to do. Playing outside without having to deal with icy conditions that would lead to an ER trip is just one possibility. Once it gets warm enough, swimming in a pool is definitely the move. In addition, the school year is nearing its end, which means a summer break from waking up early will follow. So get ready to turn up!

“I’m actually looking forward to doing a few things over summer break. Looking forward to long walks on the beach, reading poetry, and maybe even read poetry to some dolphins,” said junior Sam Antenucci.

When the month of March comes around, there’s a bit of relief. One reason is because spring break is only around the corner, and people tend to travel to warm places like Florida, Mexico, and California. And even if you cannot afford these vacations, there is no need to worry, for there are still plenty of exciting things to do at home. Even with a wallet dryer than a Popeyes biscuit with no water, there are plenty of free activities to partake in. I am talking about going to park, going on a picnic, grubbing on some boxed, Kraft macaroni and cheese that your mom bought in the low-price aisle, or even just chilling with a friend.


When summer arrives, there will definitely be time to get back all the missed fun from the previous summer. It will be the perfect time to throw crazy (clean) parties, make plans with the squad, travel, or go out to the movies and the mall. One thing I suggest for kids who don’t have money to spend during summer is to get a job. But, get a job that you’ll actually like. Do one of these activities and stress and sadness will moonwalk away like Michael Jackson.


Other than getting out of the house and doing some outdoor activities, some people plan on staying in.

“One thing I can’t wait to do is sleep. Like, honestly, that’s the only thing that’ll make me happy over summer,” said senior Jonathan Li.

Staying indoors is a good solution for kids who are feeling lazy. No need to spend money on things outside of the house. Just hop on the PS4, Xbox One, the good ole internet, or maybe even kick back and just watching Netflix with some good snacks to eat. Other options that are available when a day indoors gets boring include reading, drawing, writing, baking, and cooking.

A little summertime humor.

Sure life can be stale sometimes, but when there is an opportunity to be free from work or school, getting out and doing something to boost the mood is the best decision when feeling foggy. In the end, it is the joy that counts, which is what everyone in this world should start and end everyday with.