The Earth gets Heated


Caroline Guglielmetti

Caroline Guglielmetti taking her dog on a walk in late November.

Caroline Guglielmetti, Staff Writer

As hip-hop singer Nelly once said, “It’s gettin’ hot in here”. People, whether they live in the north, south, east, or west, can agree that the weather has been abnormally warm as temperatures have risen exponentially across the globe. Throughout the winter months, the ground is expected to be covered in a blanket of white. Instead in the early months of winter following, there was nothing but muddy grounds and humid skies. The snow that has just touched Michigan has come much later than usual.

As years go by, winter seems to come later and later. Some people believe in global warming and that the Earth is becoming warmer gradually due to the pollution or other environmental reasons. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has been a contributor to global warming because of the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

Snow normally starts to fall around the months of October and November, but recently the first snowfall has not reached the grounds until mid to late December. This year the weather in Michigan has mirrored the conditions of states with constantly warmer climates. Just before the snow hit Southeast Michigan, temperatures fluctuated from high fifties to low thirties.

Isabella Martin
Sunset in the beginning of December.

“I do not like the weather confusion between summer and winter, because every year I look forward to the season changes,” said senior Ryan Ouimet.

There has been an endless supply of mixed emotions about this weather struggle between summer and winter from the beginning of the winter months. Although these warm temperatures seem like something no one should be complaining about, it is important to remember that they embody the harmful changes faced by Earth. Plus, without the cooler temperatures and snow throughout the holiday season, it is harder to get into the Christmas spirit.

“Climate change makes me think that Christmas is further away than it is,” said senior Erin Santella.

The feeling of warmer weather really gets to students because they do not realize Christmas is right around the corner but in reality Christmas is only 2 weeks away.

In warmer states such as Texas and along the border of the US and Mexico snow has been falling. Those states have received more snow than some of the colder states including Michigan. The cold weather has been shifting from coldest states to some of the warmest.

Late snowfall and overall increases in temperature not only pose a threat to the Earth itself, but also to people and their daily lives and traditions. For kids, getting to play in the snow and bundle up in warm blankets by the fire is the light of winter. With high temperatures, these traditions are out of reach.