Students vs. Obesity


Samantha Moilanen

The decision between an unhealthy and a healthy snack.

Samantha Moilanen, Staff Writer

Many doctors say obesity is a critical underlying problem throughout high schools in America, but is it really an issue at Adams? Many highlanders are very health conscious, and monitor what they eat and how much physical activity achieve each day. This allows for a generally active and fit community. Along with the rigorous sports and healthy eating options prepared for the students at lunch, Adams provides many opportunities for the students to obtain generally healthy lifestyles.

Preventing obesity is easily accomplished just by making healthy choices and by being aware of how much time you spend participating in physical activities. Many students also have new and innovative ideas on how we can improve our health through nutritious food options offered at school lunch.

“Students should be aware of the consequences of being obese, and I think Adams should get a smoothie machine for a healthier lunch option,” said junior Avanthika Sinha.

To be fair, there is some controversy on the topic of whether obesity is a huge issue in schools at all, but according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in five students from ages 6-19 struggle with being obese. It can cause ailments such as diabetes, and in some cases depression, but can be avoided by being more active during your everyday life.

“Obesity is not a problem if we can just be more food conscious about what we eat every day. Also, it can be prevented through exercise, or participating in school sports to incorporate even a little activity into our day,” said freshman Dylan Patel.

The growing epidemic of obesity in children and teens is most closely related to the stress of everyday life, and the lack of time to make quality healthy food. Many students are involved in daily routines that leave almost no time in their busy schedules for a proper meal. Consequently, many students resort to quickly eating at fast food chains resulting in an unhealthy diet.

It may be easy to to place the blame on fast food playing a predominant role, it is not the only cause of obesity. Some students believe unhealthy school food options are one of the main factors that lead to students becoming overweight.

“Stop eating fast food every day and obesity might not be as much of an issue,” said senior Matei Golubovic.

Many students blame obesity on the schools and for their lack in providing healthier options in school lunches.

“Students are only overweight because they are buying school lunch daily, and if they stop, then they won’t be allowing the school to make money off of making students obese,” said sophomore Roshni Mohan.

Students buy these lunches everyday, but thanks to Michelle Obama, Adams does provide a decent amount of healthy food options along with the unhealthy ones such as pizza and Bosco sticks.

Overall, many students at Adams have opposing opinions on the cause of obesity in public schools, but it doesn’t seem to be a major issue at Adams in particular.