Student Spotlight: The Rabbit Herd


The Rabbit Herd plays at the pep assembly.

There is no doubt that when The Rabbit Herd makes it big, they will turn heads worldwide. For now, the three-piece rock band consisting of three Adams juniors is just rocking this neck of the woods.

Over the summer, juniors Ben Hickey, Kevin Hu, and Andrew Younker formed the rock band The Rabbit Herd. The three came together through their love of music and childhood friendship.

“We were just playing with guitars in my basement and decided to form a band,” said Hickey.

Their lack of experience as a band is not a factor when it comes to talent. Hickey has been playing the drums and singing since middle school and Hu has played the bass for a little over two years.

Their lives have been heavily influenced by the world of  music, and as Hu says, “Music. You just have to stick it to the man.”

Currently, The Rabbit Herd can be heard playing during school assemblies or in Hickey’s basement creating various different types of music for their website .

“We’re hoping to release an EP by the end of this school year and have the opportunity to play more gigs,” said Hickey.

Bands such as the Arctic Monkeys  have had a huge impact on The Rabbit Herd’s musical style. Although these boys draw great inspiration from these artists, they have their own style and taste in music.

“We mostly create all the music we play. And I would consider our band to be a mixture of rock and live hip-hop,” said Hickey.

With all of their hard work and dedication, The Rabbit Herd will surely make it big in the years to come. To listen some of the great music this band creates, visit their website and show support for the band!