Student Spotlight: Sam Garfinkle


Senior Sam Garfinkle stands next to the memorial.

Samuel Garfinkle, also known as the “Senior Class Resident Genius”, completes his Boy Scout project in remembrance of Adams High School history teacher, Mr. Shaltz. Shaltz was known for posting inspirational quotes outside his classroom. So, Garfinkle chose six of his numerous quotes that he felt best represented Shaltz as a person, and he had them engraved in bricks. These bricks were then laid in cement outside the athletic entrance.

Q: What gave you the inspiration to do the memorial?
SG: My inspiration for the memorial came from the numerous quotes that Mr. Schaltz had on the wall directly outside his classroom. I felt that these quotes represented the portion of his wisdom that could still be shared with future generations of students. With the help of other students and my family, I picked those quotes that I thought as a group best represented Mr. Shaltz’s wisdom for students.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Mr. Shaltz?
SG: My favorite memory of Mr. Shaltz is from the first day of class. He actually embarrassed me in front of the class to prove that we still had much to learn about history. He asked someone to describe the emancipation proclamation, but when I did, he dismissed me as totally wrong. I felt really bad until he asked me to stay after class, and he explained why he capitalized on my enthusiasm. He then told me that he hoped I would do well in his class. I remember feeling relieved and excited to spend the year in his class.

Thanks to Garfinkle, the memory of Mr. Shaltz will be immortalized forever in the foundations of the school he helped lay.