Skating into Stardom


Photo by: Mrs. Chase

Abbey Chase in Germany after placing third place at the Cup of Berlin.

Lauren Dedvukaj, Staff Writer

Ice skating is one of those skills people admire, but tend not to attempt outside a low-key free skate session with friends. Perhaps this is because ice skaters engage in complicated performance pieces while wearing sharp blades on their feet or because ice skating is not a high profile sport. Abbey Chase, senior, was drawn to the sport because of her high regard for Olympic ice skaters.

Abbey Chase has recently returned from representing USA at The Cup of Berlin in Germany and was just in France for the 2017 French Cup.  

Chase’s team, the Crystallettes, is a skating organization located in Dearborn. Chase has skated with her team for three years; however this is her first year on the Senior Team. Chase’s schedule includes skating seven days a week and her alarm is set for 3:50 a.m. each morning. In addition, Chase attends ballet, workouts, and off-ice training.

Chase’s love for the sport began when she was young.  She has been skating with her team for as long as she can remember, forming an extremely tight bond with the girls. Senior Emma Pillsbury is another skater on Chase’s team, and they have grown close throughout the years.

“I’m lucky to have Emma on my team. We have been skating together since we were eight years old. It’s nice to know we are going through the same struggle of balancing school and skating,” said Chase.

The Crystallettes kicked off the new year competing in Berlin, Germany. Chase and her team spent an unbelievably long amount of time preparing and practicing for that competition. Chase recalls eating traditional German food, visiting the Berlin Wall, and how sweet the citizens of Germany were.  

Teamwork is crucial when it comes to ice skating – one slip up and someone can get seriously injured. Chase’s close relationship with her teammates allows her to quickly lock down combinations.

“My team consists of such amazing people. They motivate me, push me, and are always there through the highs and lows. The teams spends 20+ hours together on average, excluding trips and competitions. Our team’s bond is so strong that my team feels like family. Stepping on the ice and hearing ‘Representing the United States of America…’ while the crowd chants ‘USA, USA, USA,’ makes all the hard work worth it. There is honestly no greater feeling,” said Chase.

Chase, along with her team, left for The French Cup on Monday, January 30. The huge competition occurs in Rouen, France, and is a big deal in the city. The city holds a parade wherein teams march behind their city’s flag through the streets of Rouen.

“Being a part of Team USA and going overseas to compete internationally has to be one of my greatest memories as well as success moments. It is overwhelming yet humbling,” said Chase.