Step Up the Spirit


Mr. Tulppo bleeds green and white.

Dress and suit shopping, picture locations, dinner reservations, after parties, proposals, and constructing the perfect spirit week outfits. All of these on top of more “to-do’s” can be a bit overwhelming for the typical student at Adams. Between school, work, sports, and planning, there is little to no time to figure everything out. Luckily, spirit week outfit ideas and a clear schedule of homecoming week can help it become less hectic and more enjoyable.

Friday 9/29

To prepare for homecoming week, the AHS tradition continued with Warm-Up Day as the first spirit day. The average person wears clothes including Lulu Lemon, Nike, Adidas, or any form of workout clothes.

“My go to warm-up day outfit is athletic shorts or leggings with a Dri-Fit shirt, depending on what the weather is,” said junior Julia Shafer.

On the other hand, if the desire was to go all out for spirit days, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. These ideas included track suits, sweat bands, leg warmers, and crazy workout hairstyles.

Monday 10/2

Mondays, as any average student knows, are rough days to begin with. Luckily, Robe Day allowed students to rock their comfy clothes to recover from the weekend. Whether it’s a bathrobe, a wizard robe, or a robe stolen from a hotel room, it is simple to embrace this spirit day.

Tuesday 10/3

Thrift Shop Day was the designated theme for Tuesday’s attire. Any old tacky clothes are a perfect way to get creative for this spirit day. Students can search their local  Salvation Army, their parent’s or grandparent’s closet, or even some of their own ancient clothes to wear. Anything that would make someone say, “Why would you ever wear that?” is fitting for this specific theme.

“I plan on raiding my parent’s closet to find some poppin’ 90’s fashions! But my backup plan is to hit up Sal-Val,” said junior Claire Sanford.

Also, in honor of this spirit day, the PTSA held a shoe drive. Here, students turned gently used pair of shoes for a chance to win a free homecoming ticket.

Wednesday 10/4

With one of the biggest football games in Michigan falling on the week of homecoming, Wednesday called for U of M vs MSU Day. On this day, pick a side and represent either green and white for Michigan State, or yellow and blue for University of Michigan. Additionally, face-paint, glitter, hats, and bows can help jazz up a spirited look.

Thursday 10/5

On the magical day of Harry Potter, one could dress as their favorite character from this hit series. This spirit day offered another opportunity on Twitter to win a free homecoming ticket by tweeting a picture of one’s costume with the hashtag, “#AHSHOCO”. Every retweet was worth two points and every like was worth one point, and the highest score won. Although it may be tough for non-Harry Potter fans to come up with an outfit for this day, there are designated colors for each grade level based on Harry Potter characters. They are the following: seniors are red and yellow for Gryffindor, juniors are green and white for Slytherin, sophomores are blue and brown for Ravenclaw, and freshmen are black and yellow for Hufflepuff.

Friday 10/6

The hectic week of homecoming came to a close on a simple note with Class T-Shirt Day. For this easy day, students sported their grade color by wearing their pre-purchased class t-shirt. These shirts were picked up any day in all three lunches during hoco week in the cafeteria. The tradition continued with seniors wearing black, juniors wearing white, sophomores wearing yellow, and freshmen wearing brown. The day ended with the long awaited pep assembly where all the grade levels sit in their designated bleachers resulting in a perfect alignment of all of the colored shirts!

Overall, with providing countless creative outfit ideas for this year’s homecoming week, the most exciting week of the school year should be a stress-free fun time. Extra spirit makes for extra fun.