Single and Ready to Mingle at Hoco


Photo by: Stephanie Botkin

A group of girls rock Homecoming as friends their sophomore year. (Pictured left to right: now seniors Lizzy Botkin, Grace Vanden Bossche, Jordan Reichenbach, Stephanie Heidel, Klara Schmidt, and Ally Davis)

Lizzy Botkin, News Editor

The fall event of Homecoming is right around the corner.  With pumpkins popping up everywhere and the leaves changing color, the Highlanders are in full Homecoming swing.

It’s the time when girls begin buying their dresses, calling in reservations, and witnessing the proposals that pop up as frequently as the tiny pumpkins appearing in every classroom (thanks Mr. Inman!). Many girls are hoping a special someone will surprise them with a poster, an unoriginal pun, and some accompanying object to ask them to the dance. But do they really need a date to have fun at Homecoming?

Homecoming is a time to attend the long-honored football game, go all out for spirit week and get all dressed up for the big dance. Close friends are the best partners in crime with whom to brave these activities.

Friends ease the pressure that comes hand-in-hand with Homecoming each year. With a date, even after picking out the perfect dress, and taking the obligatory pictures, there are still tiny details to worry about and they double with a piece of “arm candy”. Without a date, the stress of being asked, the pressure of date expectations, and the importance of matching a dress to a tie dissipates.  

“I think it’s more stressful [to go with a date] because you have to worry about buying the tickets, a corsage and dinner and find a place to take pictures,” said senior Jessica Stevons.

There’s no pressure to impress someone other than oneself without a date.  Wear the dress that cost more than a month’s salary and rock some outrageous red lips without fear of what a date may think. The looming fear that your date won’t like the dress that’s already been tailored or the makeup and hair, that took an hour each to finesse, is swiped to the side to be forgotten.  

“It’s a lot more fun being with friends. You can be yourself more with your friends instead of a date. [With a date] you’re supposed look proper lady,” said Stevons.

If a corsage or boutonniere is really needed to make the Homecoming experience whole, coordinate with a friend.  Make plans to go to the dance with your best buddies.  This way, everyone can get ready, drive, and dance the night away together. So even without a date, loneliness is not an option

“You can take the same pictures with a friend, go to the same dinner and do all the same stuff without a date,” said junior Mira Patel.

Without a date to worry about, every song is an opportunity to dance with someone new.  Even without a date, hitting the dance floor with friends can be just as fun as swaying with a date.  And with no date, there’s no drama.

“If you’re going with a date, you’re kind of stuck doing whatever they want to do instead of going and dancing with other people and friends,” said junior Katie Schipperijn.

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a date for Homecoming ruin it for you. Go anyway and rock it with the friends.