Seven Easy Steps to Sticking to The NY Resolution


Photo by: Anna Abouzeid

Sophomore Delaney Rutherford notices progress in her goal of being more active throughout the day by tracking her steps on her fitbit and taking the stairs.

Anna Abouzeid, Staff Writer

The alarm buzzes ruthlessly at 6:30 a.m. You hit snooze  a few times before quickly glancing at the clock; it is 6:40 a.m. Thirty minutes pass. Although the day still seems young, the clock already reads 7:15. Panic sets in: class starts at 7:30.

Many individuals tend to procrastinate and take part in this daily routine. Struggling to get up and get energized, however, is typically not the best start to the day. When you’re trying to grab that first cup of coffee, pack a lunch and eat breakfast all in a matter of minutes, being on such a time crunch makes it nearly impossible to get organized.

The new year, however, seems to be the perfect time to achieve a new objective. In fact, it is the most popular time for individuals to start fresh by quitting bad habits, and incorporating into their routines good ones. The problem is, while everyone can start, not everyone actually follows through on their goals for the new year. Here are a few simple steps to attain that New Year’s resolution.

“It takes a lot of dedication to get up early and start the morning off right ,” said senior Nick Rzeppa. “However, it is a great feeling and makes for a healthier lifestyle”.

STEP ONE: Pick one goal. It is difficult enough to focus on one desired endpoint, so ponder all of the options, pick one that will flip-flop a bad habit to a good one, and be prepared to completely commit.

STEP TWO: Write down the resolution. According to, “Writing seems to act as a kind of mini-rehearsal for doing. Writing something down can ‘trick’ the brain into thinking it is actually doing it”. People are more likely to stick to something if they see their plan written every morning, whether it’s taped to the counter or the refrigerator door. Jotting it down also solidifies it in one’s mind. Rather than just a simple thought floating around in someone’s brain, the aspiration is now a complete idea on paper, making it more likely to happen.

STEP THREE: Plan ahead. If following a healthy diet and workout plan is the goal, set aside a time and place where meal prepping for the whole week is done. This will help avoid unhealthy snacking. Also, assign a specific time for workouts to be completed during the day. It could be early in the morning before school/work, or right after school/work to avoid napping or laziness. Maybe the goal is to complete homework every night rather than watching TV. In this case using a planner will maintain organization. Planning ahead allows the body to adjust to the new system, creating a daily routine.

Photo by: Anna Abouzeid
Employees at the Amble Inn, including senior Sara Dallapiazza, offer many healthy options available for students trying to maintain a beneficial diet.

STEP FOUR: Share the experience and the improvements. As someone begins to see progress by sticking to the plan, they begin to develop a more optimistic character.Telling friends and family will help keep that positive mentality in tact. Generally, most people will give encouraging responses due to the advancements they see. Some may even share that they are inspired to do the same by adjusting their own lifestyle. In turn, working harder becomes a great feeling because people now will expect updates on accomplishments achieved throughout the journey . Sometimes posting progress on social media will help keep track of how far someone has come, allowing others to send constructive feedback.

“I want to spread positive attitudes to everyone around me, and I hope to inspire others on the way”, said Senior Katie Burns. “I plan to do this by working hard and being nice”.

STEP FIVE: Accept failure. The most difficult part of sticking to a goal is not only failing, but having the courage to get back up afterwards. Accept the days that are unsatisfying and get back into the groove the next day. That is how to learn from mistakes, which will in turn create a stronger, more determined individual. Of course, unpleasant circumstances can set off someone’s entire day; do not worry. Get back up and never give up.

“I plan to never give up even when life is pushing me down,” said senior Alaina Molnar.

STEP SIX: Treat yourself. It is acceptable to have a cheat meal, it is acceptable to take a rest day from the gym, it is acceptable to side track for a day. Working hard is a lifestyle, and treating yourself to something in order to keep going is completely different than giving up. Everyone deserves a reward, just remember that moderation is key.

STEP SEVEN: Create an experience that is enjoyable. No one wants to wake up every morning dreading that they made this goal. Be proud, be happy, be brave, and inspire others and accomplish those New Year’s resolutions!

Photo by: Anna Abouzeid
Opt for a Nature Valley Granola Bar versus chips at the vending machine for a nutritious snacking option.