Senior Boys Boogie for the Win


Photo by: 2016 graduate Hannah Kade

2015’s Homecoming pep assembly was the first time the junior class’ team ever won the dance competition.

Lauren Dedvukaj, Staff Writer

The day of the Homecoming pep assembly is arguably one of the best days of the school year. The school is filled with students eager to get out of class early and enjoy the event Student Council has spent weeks putting together. The gymnasium soon becomes encompassed in darkness before an eruption of glowsticks and screaming. Games and activities comprise the assembly, including the highly anticipated Boys Dance Competition. Each grade produces a team of boys who choreograph and perform a dance number for a special selection of judges.

Boy, they do not disappoint.

This year, however, is going to be extremely memorable. With special guest judges Mayor Bryan Barnett and Paul Glantz, dance teams,  regardless of grade level, will be put to the test. The challenge of impressing such respected members of society only elates and excites the team. The boys are refusing to reveal any information about this year’s performance to ensure the wow factor that will encompass the audience. The senior dance team this year has had a wild ride in the past competitions, but they will undoubtedly leave a great legacy.

The Class of 2017 started their journey with a big obstacle: a really small team. In 2013, two students of the then freshman class performed for the whole school in a terrifyingly awkward yet iconic dance number. Seniors Sean Ronan and Matthew Vilotti made up what would be remembered as the greatest dance duo to ever grace those blue gymnastic mats. The two dancers pulled memorable film and dance moments to create the mashup, including the standout scene in the front of the ship from the movie Titanic.

Ronan recalls his experience. “It was a really scary situation, going out there with only two people in front of the whole school.”  

The Class of 2017 continued to climb the ladder to dancing victory with a much larger selection of male students in 2014, making the experience less horrifying. Although they still did not grasp the fact that this competition is some serious business, the obvious improvement left everyone relieved.

“It was definitely a better experience sophomore year because people noticed how fun it was and decided to join in,” said Vilotti.

Despite a better performance, the team still did not seem content with their low placing. Their big dreams had yet to be fulfilled as they inched closer to the fame, prosperity, and respect that came with winning this dance competition.

In 2015, the boys made a tremendous comeback from their mediocre past performances. After getting the hang of these dance numbers and realizing that these productions are a big deal, Adams  got a taste of what this group of boys can accomplish. The number landed the boys in first place, marking the first time senior boys had not won. This year placed the Class of 2017 on a platform and left them eager to win first place back to back.

Without a doubt, the Boys Dance Competition is one of the most anticipated events that occurs at the pep assembly. Inspired and determined boys lead to an eager crowd, so get excited.