No Shave November catches on at AHS

“What better way to grow awareness than with some hair?”

When November 1 hits, men stop shaving as a way to raise cancer awareness. Although No Shave November includes both men and women, more men participate, due to the impressive beards they can grow. Since many cancer patients lose their hair, No Shave November participants use the month as a time to embrace hair. The objective of the movement is for the participants to donate the money that they would spend on shaving and grooming for a month to the American Cancer Society.

This year, No Shave November was a popular trend for Adams High School students. In a poll of 50 Adams students, 56 percent of the students surveyed knew the reason behind No Shave November, and 44 person of the students thought November was simply a time to stop shaving and for men to grow beards.

Senior Ryan Gibbons grew quite an impressive beard for this year’s No Shave November.

“I hate when girls look at my beard when my eyes are up here,” said Gibbons.

Although the ultimate point of No Shave November is to donate money to the American Cancer Society, out of all the students interviewed, senior Danny Jordan was the only one to actually donate.

“I donated money for prostate cancer towards charity because my dad had prostate cancer,” said Jordan.

While No Shave November is a fun way to raise money, more people should make it a point to actually donate, instead of just growing a beard.

To find more information about No Shave November and how to donate, visit the official  No Shave November website.