Making the Most of the Cold Weather


Photo by: Maddy Fleury

An action shot of a skier taking on a black diamond slope at Boyne Highlands Ski Resort in December.

Maddy Fleury, Staff Writer

As all Michiganders know, the weather during the winter months is, for the most part, cold and miserable. Although most students may feel a desire to curl up inside and do nothing outside of school and work, it is important to make time for fun seasonal activities that are sure to lift teenagers’ spirits.

Hit the slopes

For those who love the downhill thrill and enjoy being bundled up out in the fresh air, skiing or snowboarding is the perfect outdoor adventure.

“I think skiing is so much fun because I love the thrill of sliding down the slopes and getting to race my friends,” said sophomore Emily Goodman.

At resorts such as Boyne Mountain, there are hills of various difficulty levels, perfect for both beginner and expert skiers and snowboarders alike. Whether it’s real or artificial snow, skiing or snowboarding down a mountain is an undeniably great experience, and it is a great way for families and friends to bond.

Ride a snowmobile

Done on land or over frozen water, snowmobiling is an exciting experience, especially for teenagers looking to let loose and glide. In certain locations up north, including Petoskey, snowmobiles can be rented where anyone familiar with driving can enjoy a care-free experience. Go ice skating

For those who find themselves with extra time on their hands and want to do something fun with their friends, ice skating is an excellent idea.

Not only is it fairly easy, but it is a great way for people of all ages to be entertained. Ice skating, which requires people to get up and move, is not only amusing but hold health benefits.

According to Best Health Magazine ,Ice-skating is easy on the joints because it’s low impact, and it improves your balance and coordination.”

Furthermore, in this era, many teens are influenced by social media and technology, causing them to develop lazy habits. Nevertheless, although ice skating is great exercise, it is not an overly laborious activity. Therefore, this is a tremendous activity for adults to do in addition to teens.

Kick back at an outdoor hot tub

For students fortunate enough to have access to a hot tub, taking time to unwind in one is an outstanding way to get relief from the stress of school or other commitments.

Swim University, a source for the health benefits of water activities, states that loosening up in a hot tub lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, improves sleep, and promotes healthy skin. Since twenty-first century teenagers are highly susceptible to high stress and anxiety from the pressures placed upon them by school, relaxation is key. This factor alone makes overcoming the cold winter in a hot tub is a superb idea.

Decorating the house

Even though the holiday season is over, maintaining winter festivities is a great way to make the most of the cold. For students who love to get creative, putting up paper snowflakes and bright string lights will surely lighten up the dreary mood of winter.

Wear some flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks

After long days at school, there is nothing better than cozying up by the fire in comfy clothes. In the closets of most teenage girls, there is no shortage of fuzzy pajamas and socks.

Studies done by show that wearing warm, comfortable clothes in the winter increases chances of sleeping throught the night in addition to lessening the likelihood of picking up illnesses.

“One of my favorite things to do in the winter season is to sit in my fuzzy socks and pajamas and watch Netflix,” said sophomore Emma Brown.

Although it is crucial to get up and do physical activities in winter to boost the immune system, it is also important to take a minute to sit back in comfortable attire from time to time.

Donate food, clothes, or other objects to a local charity

Students who live in the Rochester area know that there is an abundance of other people outside the district who are not as fortunate as those within it.

For this reason, students should take the time to recognize all of their blessings by giving to those in need. Local charities such as Capuchin Soup Kitchen and Toys For Tots are always grateful for donations. Although a small act of giving may not feel like a big contribution, it could be making someone’s day.