Last Day Donations


Brianna McKerracher

A stack of binders that could be donated.

Brianna McKerracher, Staff Writer

After the locker and desk cleanout, students and teachers will have the opportunity to participate in the third annual end of the year used school supply collection for Pontiac schools. The people who donate will be giving reusable school supplies that can be used next year.

“I’d definitely donate [my school supplies]… it’s a good thing to do for the Pontiac school system,” said junior Lindon Dema.

The teachers can take the partially worn supplies that the students here might have thrown away, and use them in their classrooms. With the extra supplies, they could better the experience in their classroom, and provide resources to students that will not be able to get them on their own. The volunteers in the Parent Teacher Association will run the collection by sorting and delivering the items that are dropped off in the boxes that are located all around the school.

Some examples of acceptable items to donate are:

  1. Half used notebooks
  2. Art supplies
  3. Binders and folders
  4. Lined paper, construction paper (any paper)


The few unacceptable donations are textbooks, furniture, teacher manuals and clothing. Anyone who would like to volunteer can go to their PTA president, or their representative for volunteer opportunities to sort and deliver in May and June.