How To Be the Early Bird


Abby Stone

A smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a perfect option to boost energy in the morning.

Waking up in the morning: the first thing everyone accomplishes on a daily basis and sometimes the hardest thing to overcome. Getting up on the right side of the bed is an essential kickstart to a productive, feel-good day. Sadly someone cannot become a morning person with the snap of a finger. There are numerous factors which affect one’s morning mood. In fact, these very factors are far from difficult in creating the ideal early bird.

Natural sunlight

Rise and shine! No, literally. Waking up to natural sunlight can help an individual get up easier. The surroundings in which people wake up have a major effect on the process of getting out of bed. In fact, the Huffington Post states that “the body’s internal clock is sensitive to light and darkness,” which means light initiates action and dark initiates rest. So, awaking to a dark room or even artificial will only be an influencer to doze back off to sleep. That being said, draw the blinds and open the curtains to awake with ease while the sun greets you with a ‘good morning’!

Stop hitting snooze

Everyone knows the famous saying: you snooze you lose. This holds to be true when it comes to getting up as well. Although getting a little more sleep may sound like a great plan, hitting snooze actually worsens the process of getting up. For instance Huffington Post states, “Post-snooze sleep isn’t high quality and leaves you feeling more tired — not to mention, rushed.”  Therefore, individuals must overpower the desire of sleep and get up right away. It may sound like torture, but it works!

“I tested this theory and after putting on “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! I instantly loved mornings and jumped out of bed ready to start my day off right,” said junior Reece Rusniak.

Clearly, this waking up method works like a charm and helps people dance their way out of bed for a fantastic day!

Quality alarm

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Does that sound like something desirable to wake up to? The first thing heard when waking up should be something uplifting that boosts the mood. For instance, setting an alarm to play an upbeat song is a great start to the day making waking up an easier task. Additionally, putting an alarm- whether it be a phone or an old school clock- far away from the bed makes it almost impossible not to get up. By setting an alarm out of arm’s reach, it forces people to actually get up on their feet and move to turn off the alarm. So start the day on the right foot, and wake up to something hype and peppy!

Abby Stone
Glimmering natural sunlight from Farewell Lake in Michigan that is ideal to wake up to.

Eat/drink something energy boosting

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have you not heard that one before? Skipping breakfast does not gain energy for oneself, it only loses it. By eating something nutritious in the morning, people are known to feel much happier and healthier. In fact, fueling the body with healthy foods will ensure productivity throughout the day. Nutritionist at Clay Health Club and Spa, in New York City from suggests, “You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein”. Some examples include fruits, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, a smoothie, whole wheat toast with avocado or peanut butter, etc. With that being said, kickstart the day with superfoods that help make oneself feel super as well- even in the morning!

Do something positive and productive

A positive mind starts with a positive action. Therefore, in order to be a morning person, do something to get in this mindset. The amount of examples to achieve an uplifting morning are countless and can range from the most simple activities to more complex. Several suggestions include working out, writing down three things that induce happiness, reading an inspiring article, or meditating. But, in reality, the majority of people do not have the time for all that jazz. Some simpler ideas include listening to uplifting music while getting ready, eating a delicious hearty breakfast, or giving a self-to-self pep talk.

“Every morning I listen to music to get myself hyped up for the day. It gets me in the mood and focused, which helps me enjoy mornings more and start my day on a productive note,” said senior Josh Joy.

The list of positive productivity could go on forever, so choose at least one to add to the morning routine, and it will surely transform oneself into a morning fan.

Make a schedule

Sticking to the plan is always the best move right? This is a power move when it comes to being a morning person. Creating a schedule helps plan out the day by resulting in more productivity and better time management. By accomplishing this, one can go to sleep at a more reasonable hour. Along with that, developing a healthy daily routine puts the body in an ideal state. An individual will become used to the familiar tasks and will find oneself waking up and going to sleep more naturally. Therefore, whether its written on paper, typed up in a phone, or listed mentally, a schedule will evidently result in stress-free mornings. How can people stay ahead of the game without organization?

With adding these simple tasks into the daily routine, mornings will become the best part of the day. Turning waking up and getting ready into a fun activity instead of something dreadful will not only develop a type A morning person, but also enhance an entire lifestyle!