A family trick-or-treating at night.

Ava Bondra


Halloween on a weekday is not everyone’s favorite.

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31st. Many Americans spend Halloween trick-or-treating, wearing costumes, and having fun with family members. However, the day of the week that Halloween falls on changes every year. 

An online petition was created to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. With almost 150,000 signatures, the petition was launched last year, achieving enormous public interest. The Halloween Costume Association (HCA) began this petition to make Halloween safer and less stressful. The HCA stated that moving the Halloween date would be a “safer, longer, stress-free celebration.”

So would moving the Halloween date be safer?         Safety reasons are a major concern for parents and guardians. Many parents can be anxious about their child running around outside in the dark. But, young children are not worried about their safety, they’re only worried about how much candy they received.

Children trick-or-treating at dusk.

     Furthermore, many people believe by moving the Halloween date, it would make the holiday less stressful. It would keep everyone free from a busy work and school schedule. Many students would not have to worry about homework or assessments if Halloween were to be on a weekend. Students should be able to have fun and not worried about assignments due the following day. 

“If Halloween were to be moved to the weekend, I wouldn’t have to worry about going to bed earlier or finishing my assignments,” said junior Camden Dalton. 

Like any other holiday, many families and friends love to spend time together. Many people want to celebrate the holiday with their family. By not having to worry about school or work the next day, a lot of families are able to focus on creating memories.

“I wish Halloween was on the weekend, so I could take my little sister trick-or-treating and just have fun with her,” said junior Alex Wysocki.

         Even if it is not completely accurate to the original celebration, a change in date could help ensure the safety of children and maintain the Halloween spirit.