Grab a Book


Charlotte Arkwright

Will Arkwright at book club reading one of his favorite books.

Lexi Borraccio, Staff Writer

Students at Adams create new clubs every year. With the right amount of people joining and the ambition to start something new, it can easily be done. This year Charlotte Arkwright started Adams’ first book club, and it goes along with the Battle of the Books.

Arkwright has a love for reading and found people with her same passion to get the club started.

“I’ve always been a big reader. Last year a good family friend/author, Heather Meloche, helped me start and incorporate Battle of the Books into a club. The Battle of the Books competition offers a lot of prizes for the winning school which was big motivator to get kids to join!“ said Arkwright.

Students who join are not expected to take part in the Battle of the Books. Some students simply join for their love of reading and to have fun with friends. The book they are currently reading is One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus, and Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Sophomore Brina Golubovic joined the club a few months ago, and she is now reading One of Us Is Lying and she loves the book.

All the books for Battle of the Books. The club chose which books they want to read and discuss.

“I am reading One of Us is Lying , it is a really interesting book, very suspenseful, and I can barely put the book down. I joined Adams Book Club to read great books, and hang out with friends, and people who love reading just as much as I do,“ said Golubovic.

The new club was a success this year and hopefully continues for years to come. It is a fun way for students who love to read but do not want the school work that comes with it, and it is a great after school activity, where students can hang out with friends, eat pizza, and read great favorite books.

Students can take what they love and join a club that suits them or create a new one. All it takes is one student that wants to start something that interests him or her.