Feminists Make an Appearance in Rochester


Josie Wenzell

Grace Haubert searches the web for inspiration on topics to discuss at the first meeting.

Josie Wenzell, Staff Writer

For centuries women have been fighting for basic rights. In early America, women had little-to-no say in political matters, or anything white men considered “complex.” Today, the unity of female empowerment is stronger than ever. Rochester Adams junior Grace Haubert channeled her passion for female equality into an organization for feminists.

Haubert is a member of the French club and Business Professionals of America, but her passion for extracurriculars does not stop there. Over the summer, Haubert reached out to the National Organization for Women (NOW), in interest for starting a chapter for Rochester Hills. State President of NOW, Nina Muckenthaler, has been in contact with Haubert over the past few months, in efforts to get the group up and running. So far, there are already 55 members who have been recruited. The Rochester chapter is going to be referred to as “The Young Feminist’s Council”.

What encouraged you to start the Young Feminist Council?

GH: “There was a lack of feminist organizations for high schoolers in the area, so seeing the large interest for such matters, I felt it was my duty to provide an official forum for their ideas to be heard.”

What are your goals for the council?

GH: “My goals for the council are raising awareness for female rights and equality. I also want to be a prominent presence in the community. Not to mention educating, empowering, and inspiring other teen girls. It is also really important for women to know which rights they have, and which they don’t.”

What upcoming events are there?

GH: “In a few weeks there will be a private screening of Battle of the Sexes at Emagine theater, and the first official meeting will be October 17 at Rochester Hills Public Library, where additional information on the chapter will be released. Next month, there will be a career conference, featuring successful female speakers in different occupations including, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and more. They’ll be able to share their personal experiences, and offer advice to our Rochester members. The speakers can also talk about benefits and difficulties of being a woman in today’s workplace.”

Who is your biggest role model?
GH: “Nina Muckenthaler has been such an inspiration to me these past few months. She is always enthusiastic toward her work and has played a major role in the Young Feminist’s Council. Nina has been so supportive in all my endeavors, and she’s the reason this chapter was able to be established. I am blessed to be working with her.”

How can Rochester Adams students join?

GH: “Anyone can feel free to DM me on Instagram, (@grace_haubert), or join the Remind 101 by texting ‘@yfc18 to 81010’.”

Haubert is eager to get the group rolling on October 17. Both men and women are welcome to join the chapter; “It’s not just for girls,” the young leader states about the group. The chapter is in no way affiliated with Adams High School, but being an Adams student herself, Haubert is always looking for fellow feminists.