Fashion At Adams


Izzy Davies

Olivia Davies shows off her style while walking her dog.

One of the major ways people express themselves is through the clothes they wear.  

Some spend thirty minutes picking out an outfit, while others spend 30 seconds. The room for individuality in clothing is endless. Students at Adams represent this individuality and differentiation with wardrobe choices ranging from sweats or heels.

Some private schools, like Cranbrook, even assign a specific dress code or uniform as they feel fashion takes away from the school’s academics. Rochester Adams, being a public school, combats these misbeliefs with accomplishments like obtaining the name of a Blue Ribbon School, while maintaining some of the highest test scores in the state.

Sophomore Will Darah says what he usually wears and shares his thoughts on how fashion affects the school environment.

“I usually wear a graphic tee with some type of jacket on top (windbreaker, flannels, denim or puffy jackets). I like wearing ripped skinny jeans with classic tennis shoes or platform sneakers. For accessories, I like to wear baseball caps and/or vintage sunglasses. I think fashion at school does not take away from the learning experience. When students feel good in an outfit they are wearing, they feel they can do/learn anything. I think it inspires them to learn more,” said Darah.

Darah thinks fashion is definitely beneficial to a school environment. He also really enjoys expressing himself through clothing while sophomore Sarrah Ahmed is a bit more laid back.

“I never have enough time in the morning, so I usually go with something comfy like sweatpants with a bright sweater and maybe a necklace to go along. I don’t really feel that my clothing “represents” me. For the most part it just represents how rushed I was in the morning,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed also shared her opinion on how she thinks fashion affects the school atmosphere.

Josie Wenzell
Sarah Ahmed wears a cozy sweater and jeans at a local park.

“I don’t think fashion interferes with school; I mean it’s just what you wear to school, so how can that really reflect on your grades? I can say for a fact that it’s never hindered my grades,” said Ahmed.

Being an AP student, Ahmed has to balance both academics and a sense of style. Junior Olivia Davies shared what she wears to school and her thoughts on how it affects the school environment.

“I usually just wear leggings and a casual shirt because I like to stay comfortable during school and don’t put too much effort into what I wear. I think fashion affects the learning environment if you let it,” said Davies.

If fashion affects the school environment, it only affects the student body in a positive way. Fashion has been and will continue to be a positive contribution to Adams High School.