Fall Must-Haves 


Mrs. Vazquez

The famous candied pumpkin Adrian Vazquez’s family makes every fall season.

Before winter begins, the leaves fall off the trees, signaling the beginning of fall.

Fall is a time for sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and trips to the cider mill. Fall also brings a familiar comfort to some people, as many enjoy cozy blankets and spending time with family before the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving. 

“I love fall because it is the beginning of the sweater season, and I love getting to wear my boots. Everything about fall excites me, like the leaves changing and temperatures dropping,” said senior Roma Kamat. “Going to Yates Cider Mill and getting donuts and cider with my friends is the epitome of fall. Warm drinks are my favorite, anything with

cinnamon–sign me up. I also love cozy blankets and just sitting next to the fire.Fall is also associated with the beginning of school and seeing friends again.


“I love fall because it is when schools starts and I see all my friends from school that I did not hang out with during the summer. I also love going shopping for fall clothes (sweaters are the best) and wearing joggers and sweatpants. I also love wearing beanies; I think it makes a fall outfit super cute. I always carve pumpkins every fall too. I also like getting pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks before school,” said senior Kerry Grogan.

Lexi Borraccio
Roma Kamat in her fall clothes.

The decreasing temperatures give people another reason to enjoy fall. Winter is too cold and summer is too hot, leaving fall as the perfect in-between. According to a study done by Patrick Baylis at the University of California, Berkeley, people’s moods decline at temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit or temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This study further expresses the love most people have for fall festivities.

“Well, during fall I wear a lot of cozy clothes, and I like a lot of pumpkin-flavored things like pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes and my family makes this Mexican pumpkin candy that I love,” said senior Adrian Vazquez.

Coming together with family and continuing traditions creates a cheerful atmosphere. The bright leaves falling off the trees signifies the start of the holidays like Thanksgiving. The fall season brings everyone together, giving people a chance to be content and enjoy life.