College Apps Are In


East Lansing – The home of Michigan State

Joe Riera, Editor

As “spooky season” comes to an end, and trees light up fiery orange and red, seniors at Adams remain locked-in as ever. College application deadlines are here, and everyone is doing their best to submit their strongest work.

Senior year is a huge milestone in and of itself, with most students having completed three of the most challenging academic years of their lives. During this time, it is the norm for most students at Adams to reminisce over their experiences at the school and begin crafting their college applications. With this being the current focus for many seniors, let’s take a look into where many Adams seniors are applying and what they hope to achieve beyond high school.

Oakland University 

Drawing a large crowd of applicants from the Rochester area every year, Oakland University is a top pick for many soon-to-be college freshman. It boasts a wide range of over 100 available majors, and is recognized nationally for their nursing school. All this within 10 minutes and an affordable tuition makes Oakland a popular consideration amongst the senior student body.

Oakland University
Sign welcoming students into Oakland University

“It’s close by, I can save lots of money, and I can pursue my goals of going into nursing,” said senior Francesco LoChirco when asked why he was particularly interested in Oakland.

Michigan State University

Similar to Oakland University, Michigan State is on the potential list for many prospective seniors at Adams. East Lansing is about an hour and a half drive, making it too far for most to commute, but still within a relatively short distance from home. The Spartans are known for their beautifully maintained facilities, home to their academics and premiere sports teams. At Michigan State, one can pursue over 500 majors, degrees, and programs, and discover what they are truly interested in studying. Within Michigan State, some esteemed programs include a Supply-Chain Management certification and Educator Training. 

“Being an educator is always something that has interested me. At Michigan State, I think I can do big things, and make large strides toward my goal of one day being a teacher,” said senior Aaron Lomasney.

University of Michigan

Amongst the seemingly endless array of schools available in Michigan, the University of Michigan is widely regarded as the most prestigious institution of them all. Michigan is ranked 25th nationally and boasts a long, proud history of academic excellence. At Michigan, the College of Literature, Science and the Arts draws the largest group of applicants due to all the different degree options available there. Along with the LSA, Michigan’s Ross Business School and Engineering college are elite programs that require special admission, due to the rigor and dedication required to complete them. Michigan is home to the best of the best students in the state and will almost certainly admit a select few Adams students this coming year.
Downtown Ann Arbor

“Michigan has always been a goal of mine. To reach this institution would be very gratifying for me. If my years of hardwork and dedication pay off, I’ll hopefully be in Ann Arbor studying nursing this time next year,” said senior Emma Fordree.