Beyond the Reflection


Shelby Smith

Positive sticky notes cover the mirrors in the girls’ bathroom, encouraging girls to love themselves and one another!

When we look in the mirror, it’s hard not to focus on the imperfections.  Unfortunately, many girls spend at least an hour each day looking in the mirror, adding up to around three years at the end of their lives. This time wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if people spent it appreciating themselves; however, it’s no secret that appreciation is the last thing they think about.

Our insecurity about our physical looks is a pandemic. From the moment we learn how to talk, we learn to judge others and ourselves. The media is also destructive, showing the ideal as unattainable. With such high expectations, it’s not hard for teenagers, especially girls, to compare themselves to these images and feel as if they are not good enough.

So as a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and girls should all appreciate the skin they have been born in, a few Adams girls set out on a mission to make looking in the mirror a more positive experience.

Covering the majority of the mirrors in Adams’ bathrooms in sticky notes with messages like “It’s okay not to be perfect!” and “The reflection in this mirror has nothing to do with how people see you,” these girls (who prefer to remain anonymous) helped others to take a step back from their negative and self-judging attitudes to smile and be happy with themselves, a reminder that girls don’t get nearly as much as they should.

So when you look in the mirror today, even if it is not covered in inspirational sticky notes, smile and stop to think about how great you really are.