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Lexi Borraccio

Student using a cheat sheet during a math quiz.

Lexi Borraccio, Staff Writer

At Rochester Adams, cheating has never been a large ordeal, however, as the stress piles on and the sleepless nights overtake students, they may resort to unethical actions.

For some students cheating is a result of laziness and the want for a better grade without the work. A study from the  Josephson Institute’s Center for Youth Ethics report in 2012, revealed more than half of high school students have cheated on a test, while 74 percent admitted to copying homework.

A survey from about 70,000 high school students across the United States between 2002 and 2015 revealed that 58 percent of high school students plagiarized papers. While 95 percent admitted to cheating of some sort. Here at Adams high school a few students who prefer to remain anonymous share their story.

“I have cheated on a test before. I did not study very much, but I thought I would be fine. Turns out I was wrong and was desperate to just get a passing grade,” said anonymous.

Studies show that cheating has become easy, therefore, more tempting to students. With technology in today’s society answers to all types of questions are at their fingertips. With easy access to technology, and students desperate for a good grade the temptation can be hard to resist.

Lexi Borraccio
Students may be tempted to use technology during tests.

“I usually am an A student, and cheating has never really been a question for me. However, like everyone else, I do get stuck on questions and problems. I have pulled my phone out and looked up a quick answer, but after doing that, I wondered if it was really worth it. Missing a few problems on a test sounds a lot better than getting caught. I’ve seen students get there tests ripped up, phones taken away, and sent to the office. It really made me think that not getting an A is better than a zero and phone call home,” said anonymous.

Researchers found simple alterations to tests and homework that may result in less cheating. As simple as taking away multiple choice test and replacing it with intricate open based answers. With homework teachers can give a free pass each quarter, or an incentive to drop their lowest grade assignment. Research suggests while grading, to use phrases like “you made really great progress on this paper” or “This is excellent work, but there are still a few areas where you can grow.”

The academic integrity form that every student signs before the school year begins, some students will violate it one way or another. The pressure on students is astounding, however, cheating is avoidable, and the punishments for cheating are more severe than a low score. It is easy to avoid cheating students, however, must resist the temptations around them.