Adams Kilt Cast 2022 Episode 1

On this week’s episode of The Kilt Cast, Rochester Adams seniors Megan Garnai and Ally Meske discuss how underclassmen can make the most of their remaining high school years as Highlanders.  


Stress is synonymous with high school, and Garnai and Meske discuss strategies that they have discovered to manage these overwhelming feelings. Garnai discusses finding perspective while Meske presents the idea of learning to seek help to reduce stress. Finally, Garnai discusses how it is important to manage time wisely `allowing for much needed mental breaks. 


Meske describes how coming to Adams from West Middle School gave her a new outlook on making friends because the majority of students surrounding her were unfamiliar faces. She also mentions how maintaining outgrown friendships can be more strenuous than letting them go. Garnai also reminds high schoolers to keep in mind that college is just around the corner, and drama will have less of an impact on future years.

Future Plans

Everyone has their own path, and Meske and Garnai remind highschoolers to not get discouraged by an uncertain future. However, if seniors and juniors are considering applying to college, Meske and Garnai encourage students to start the application process early and ask teachers and counselors for help.