A New Endeavor


Mikki Massura

In Virtual Enterprise students will learn how to operate an online business.

Mikki Massura, Staff Writer

Being able to travel, teach yourself, and gain real world experience all while in high school seems like an unattainable dream to most high school students, but not the students of Adams High School. Starting the school year of 2018-2019, Adams students will find a new class option on their scheduling card- Virtual Enterprise.

This new class is all about students being able to run a business as a class, pick their role within the business, learn important skills such as responsibility regarding money, and even includes traveling. The class will be started by Adams’ business teacher and Business Professionals of America advisor, Tom Mavis.

“My favorite part of the class is it strays away from the typical lecture style of most classes in high school,” Mavis said.

On the first day of school students are able to pick what their in-class business will be. This business can range anywhere from health/wellness all the way to technology. From there on, the class is run solely by the students who are able to decide their role in smoothly running the business.

Mikki Massura
Mr. Mavis holding a promotional poster for his new class.

Students are able to use and discover their personal skills, such as running social media or accounting, before they enter the “real world.” The students will interact with over 5,000 other online businesses and earn a virtual paycheck based on their role in the business. They will have to learn how to budget their money in order to afford the lifestyle they choose and be responsible for making payments for groceries, a house, and other essentials. Not only will the students acquire an abundance of very useful experience and skills, but they will also have the opportunity to travel to Trade Shows in Chicago, Tennessee, and New York.

“I am definitely interested in Virtual Enterprise because I can travel and learn at the same time,” said junior Lucy Van Eede.

Every business that attends will set up a booth and conduct competitions, giveaways, and even bring model products in order to promote their product.

They will get the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds who uphold different ideals. This class will be a great learning and growing experience for anyone who chooses to take it. If traditional style school does not seem appealing, then Virtual Enterprise could be a winning class.